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Doc’s Reviews for the Week of 4/12/2023

 DANGER STREET #5     DC COMICS While my love of this title is well known, I am always amazed by what twists and turns Tom King and Jorge Fornes come up with. And yes, we will be needing to send out a ***SPOILERS ALERT*** for this review just because there is no way around it. … Read more

Maintaining the Adventure By Daniel Seib

Upon reflection, I find that comics weren’t just about the adventures within them but the adventures of getting them. Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of access to Local Comic Shops, or if I did, I would find I rarely had the money to spend there. But that didn’t deter my desire to get … Read more

Love is a many splintered thing

As we approach Valentine’s Day, it is important to remember to immerse those we love in what they crave most- challenging works of art that test the existence of the relationship! Whether it’s taking your second girlfriend to the February 14th opening of (eventual Best Picture winner) The Silence Of The Lambs, or serenading that … Read more

Anthony’s Guide To Getting Your Friends That Claim To Not Read Comics But Love SAGA So Technically They Do Read Them To Maybe Try Other Stuff Too! By: Anthony Fograse

  SAGA is back! We’re all stoked! This is a very good thing for a litany of reasons. Primarily due to it being a great book with a giant heart, while gracefully navigating social/political themes that, y’know, actually contribute to the story being told. Injecting a modern take on the tried-and-true tale of forbidden love … Read more

The 6 Covers of Christmas

The 6 Covers of Christmas The aesthetic of Christmas has always been my favorite out of all of the holidays (sorry Halloween). Warm fires and cold nights, the lights on the Christmas tree, the multi-colored ornaments and decorations, it’s all just so nice. I figured, what better way to showcase the Christmas season than with … Read more