Doc’s Reviews the Week of 04/13/2022 Most Talked About Book

April 13, 2022 Uncategorized


So this week, the big news is Breakout #1 from Dark Horse. Let just see if this is worth all the ballyhoo, shall we? And let’s start with Jason Wordie’s colors. Why start with the colors? To be honest, the colors play a big part in the visual appeal of the book. The shades and blendings of colors here really set the scene for a very dismal world. From the lockers and gymnasiam of Liam’s school to the massive alien cube hanging over the football field, these scenes are highlighting the depression of this world.So cudoes to Mr. Wordie for setting the stage.

Next we have Wilton Santos’s art. The layout work reflected in each panel is simply amazing. Whether it be a school hallway full of running kids or a classroom filled with students reacting to an alarm, depth and proportions are spot on. This along with the emotions on various characters’ faces really show what they are going through.

Finally, we have Zack Kaplan’s script. Taking a simple science fiction concept like having large indestructable cubes from space (?) appearing to kidnap the world’s youth and filling it to the brim with honest and raw emotions, is a true sign of his writing talent. From Liam and his mother’s conversation to the interactions between Liam and his ex-girlfiend Alana, Kaplan’s skill with modern dialog is apparent. As we are plunged into the mystery of the alien cubes, I can’t help but wonder if Kaplan is dropping hints towards a solution. 216 cubes, 36 kidnappings, 11-20 year old victims? Rather specific facts that pop up in the explination monolog at the beginning of the story, don’t you think? My only issue with the story is a small matter of time. According to Liam, his brother was taken 3 weeks ago. However, after that brief time, Liam’s mother is trying to get him into college using a loan that was meant for his brother. And while it may be a way of Kaplan proving how the adults have become complacent in the taking of the children, it seems a bit abrupt. (Yes, I read this that intensely!)This one hits all the bells and more over makes you want to follow the mystery and figure it out. I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams.