My First Comic – Graham Crackers Comics

My First Comic: Marvel Presents #5 By Gary

It’s always interesting when comic collectors of a certain age wax nostalgic about comics of their youth.  Ever notice the comment, “Got that one off the rack!” when collectors post or comment about old comics?  I wonder if today’s youth will be saying the same thing, with the same gusto, considering that today’s comics are … Read more

My First Comic Purchase by Frank R.

One of my earliest memories of super-heroes was watching The Justice League Animated Series early mornings before school. Remembering back, my favorite from the bunch was always John Stewart. He was the coolest looking member in the bunch and also was my introduction to the Green Lantern Corps. Growing up, most weekdays after school my … Read more

My First Comic By Djenne H

The first comics books ever given to me were a couple of Sonic the Hedgehog issues by a friend in no discriminate order. I know that I read them until they basically fell apart, but I couldn’t tell you what issues or what happened in those books. They still left an impression as a kid, … Read more

My First Comic by Nick

My first comic was Marvel Tales #143 The Amazing Spider-Man #6, it was the first appearance of The Lizard. I remember I was only a kid at the time and my grandpa gave it to me as a gift and of course after seeing that cover I had to see what was inside, and I’m … Read more

My First Comic Book By: Nina H.

The first Power Mark series written by Steve Benintendi is a Christian based comic about an injured soldier named Mark Chen who’s put on a new mission after his recovery to teach children about Jesus using secret and high-tech equipment. The story follows the group of children selected through a contest learning how to work … Read more

My First Comic Book: Anthony Fograse

Commentary by: Anthony Fograse I jumped at the opportunity to write about my first comic book for this newsletter the moment (Plainfield manager) Johnny asked me if I was interested in giving it a shot. The prospect of being able to share something about myself on a personal level with the Graham Crackers community was … Read more

My First Comic by Rick Lundeen

Fantastic Four #112- All Time Greatest Battle Issue June, 1971. In Fantastic Four #111, the team was dealing with an out of control Ben Grimm. Reed’s latest serum to cure Ben of being the Thing tried a new tack. It allowed Ben to transform back and forth between himself and the Thing at will. The … Read more

My First Comic by Pete R.

To be honest, I’m not sure what the first comic I ever owned was and I’m not sure what the first comic I ever read was either. As kids my sister and I would go to the public library and check out all the comics they had over and over. Basically, if my sister thought … Read more