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From The Desk Of J. Jonah Jameson

SPIDER-MAN I WAS WRONG ABOUT BEING WRONG WHEN I SAID I WAS WRONG ABOUT BEING WRONG EDITORIAL BY ‘J. JONAH JAMESON’ It had to happen.  In my 60 plus years at the Daily Bugle, YOUR paper of record, I have endeavored to bring you the truth about Spider-Man.  It used to sicken me to have … Read more

Journey into Comics Retail #784! By Rick B.

A helpful handy guide to help find happiness in your local Graham Crackers Comics back issue bins! We stock things first into three major categories. Marvel Comics! These include your AVENGERs, DEADPOOLs, QUESTPROBES, SPIDER-MANs and US1s! These are in the RED-faced boxes! DC Comics! These include your BATMANs, HAYWIRES, OUTSIDERs, STARMANS, and WARLORDS! These are … Read more

Love Is In The Air… And On The Cover! By Nick L

It’s February, and thus it’s that time of year when red is everywhere you look and love is on the minds of all. So, to celebrate Valentine’s month, I will be looking at my favorite couples in comics and some of their standout covers! 1) Batman and Catwoman: Assuredly one of the first couples to … Read more

Crossover Crisis Cheesy Goodness by John Elle

There was a time when Marvel, DC and other publishers used to let their heroes have fun and play with age old questions such as “Who’d win in a fight, Superman or Hulk, Batman or Punisher, Wolverine or Lobo?” and they were always good fun and full of cheese. (Ranked by Cheese equivalent) Here are … Read more

Comic Supplies At Graham Crackers Comics By Vincent A.

Are you a savage who has comics chaotically scattered across your home? Do your loved ones decry the ever-increasing sprawl of your books into new rooms? Do guests need to navigate stacks of your favorites when choosing a seat or flat surface on which to rest their beverage? Graham Crackers Comics can help! We curate … Read more


Recently Graham Crackers Comics of Downers Grove favorite feline friend Nox stopped by to share some of his favorite comic titles past, present and future. Let’s have a look at his list of 9 must reads: 9) Star Trek Lower Decks. The brand new animated STAR TREK series starring the ever popular Commander T’Ana, MD, the female … Read more

My First Comic: Marvel Presents #5 By Gary

It’s always interesting when comic collectors of a certain age wax nostalgic about comics of their youth.  Ever notice the comment, “Got that one off the rack!” when collectors post or comment about old comics?  I wonder if today’s youth will be saying the same thing, with the same gusto, considering that today’s comics are … Read more

Our FAVORITE Graphic Novels of 2023

Top 10 Graphic Novels of 2023: A Year of Genre-Bending Adventures and Bold Storytelling     2023 was a year where graphic novels pushed boundaries, explored innovative narratives, and delivered some solid A+ entertainment.  This chart should not to be confused with our usual TOP 50 chart which reflects the BEST SELLING Graphic Novels throughout … Read more

My Wild Ride Of Comics By Djenne H.

The last 20 years collecting comics has been a wild ride for me. Compared to most who may read this, I’m comparatively young for the comic book industry. Not the youngest, mind you, but my first set of comics were bestowed upon me were a couple of random issues of Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog at … Read more

Where In The Energon Universe Are We Now? By Gibran I

Skybound’s new Energon Universe has been taking the comic industry by storm, but where are we since it began this June of 2023? Robert Kirkman’s Void Rivals brought a new roster of characters into the established Transformers and GI Joe universe and has been a roaring success. With Void Rival’s first arc finished though and … Read more