The BIGGEST & BEST Downtown Chicago Comic Book Store!

At the Southwest Corner of MICHIGAN Ave. & MADISON St. One block North of the Art Institute. Directly across the street from Millennium Park!

Ideal if you attend the American Academy of Art, Columbia College, the School of the Art Institute, DePaul University, Robert Morris College, Illinois Institute of Art, Roosevelt University, Harold Washington College - heck, ANY school in Downtown Chicago is CLOSE to us!!

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Staff Info

  • Earl Geier - Manager

    Manager Earl Geier thinks Spider-man has been a clone since Steve Ditko left the title, and everything after 1968 is "new books". He's been reading books for almost as long as any of us, and has forgotten more about comics history than you'll ever know! Having spent a spell illustrating RPG games like Battletech and Call of Cthulhu, he and his staff of Graham Crackers Junior Rangers are trying to squeeze as much product as possible into our store and helping customers find what they want. Stop by and see us, in the heart of the Chicago Loop, steps from Millennium Park.

  • Emily Reinhart - Assistant Manager

    Hired at the age of fifteen and a half for a small comic book store, Emily was exposed to the world of comics. There she grew her inner nerd not knowing that two and a half years later she would move to Chicago to work at the biggest chain of comic stores, Graham Crackers Comics. Emily loves all things Dead Pool and Spider-Man. You can bet she was swinging through the roof when she heard Spider-Man and Dead Pool was going to be a thing. She enjoys shopping, video games, hanging out with family, binge watching shows, and you guessed it, reading comics..

  • Andy Cole

    Andy can get us tickets to any sporting event in the city. That's why Andy has a job. Oh, sure, he's friendly, personable and genuinely nicer than all of us. Yes, he's been reading comics for a billion years and has a pretty hefty Silver Age collection. And he collects original comic book art too, but the tickets, see? That's the hook. Andy also loves "Pulling Club" more than he'd admit and no, that is NOT a euphemism, so...

  • Kirk Jackson

    Kirk Jackson is a cautionary tale in which a simple comic book customer somehow found himself on the wrong side of the counter and is now Graham Cracker's newest pusherman. Dont get drawn in by his wily smile and luscious strands of hair, or else you too may wake up elbow deep in a stack of obscure comic books. Part John Travolta, and part Cookie Monster, you may lose your pastries when near him, but will at least take home some of his reading suggestions. Kirk Jackson bent my Wookie!

  • Emma Akins

    One of the finest the SAIC has had walk through their doors. They then promptly stuffed her into a box and shipped her here. She has been a fun addition to the store, and has been voted most helpful" employee at our Loop store, as well as Most Likely to Trip Over 1 Sheet of Paper". She claims to be co-ordinated. We are still waiting for proof. Say hello from a distance (safety reasons) and check out some of the comics she's created that we are proud to have on display as well.

  • Julio Manzano

    Our resident Noir Fiction fan. Let us make certain of the fact that it is not Noir Fan Fiction. He has been a welcome addition to our crew and is always ready to lend a helping hand once he's had his coffee. Otherwise things may get a bit Noir-esque.

Store Info

77 E. Madison St., Chicago, IL. 60602
(312) 629-1810

Store Hours

Monday-Friday: 10am-7pm
Saturday: 11am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm