The BIGGEST & BEST Downtown Chicago Comic Book Store!

At the Southwest Corner of MICHIGAN Ave. & MADISON St. One block North of the Art Institute. Directly across the street from Millennium Park!

Ideal if you attend the American Academy of Art, Columbia College, the School of the Art Institute, DePaul University, Robert Morris College, Illinois Institute of Art, Roosevelt University, Harold Washington College - heck, ANY school in Downtown Chicago is CLOSE to us!!

Looking to sell your comics? The Loop store looks at collections to buy on Mondays and Thursdays, after 1PM, call ahead for details.

Feel free to e-mail all Chicago Loop related inquiries to:

Staff Info

  • ANTHONY FOGRASE - Store Manager

    Anthony is a punk rocker. Anthony is a punk rocker.


    Earl Geier has been reading comics for two hundred years now, and has wandered the comic business until he wound up here. In the ancient times, he did illustrations for Battletech and Call of Cthulhu RPGs, as well as some forgotten comics.


    Andy can get us tickets to any sporting event in the city. That's why Andy has a job. Oh, sure, he's friendly, personable and genuinely nicer than all of us. Yes, he's been reading comics for a billion years and has a pretty hefty Silver Age collection. And he collects original comic book art too, but the tickets, see? That's the hook. Andy also loves "Pulling Club" more than he'd admit and no, that is NOT a euphemism, so...

  • JULIO M.

    Imagine if you will, an individual fueled entirely by black coffee and dark shadows. True crime and film noir as his bread and butter. His métier, tales of the dark side of the human psyche. But with a soft belly to the finer side of cartoons and ani-mane-y, totally insane-y.

  • PHIL T.

    Puts the PRO in procrastination. He somehow got this job with little to no knowledge of comic books & four years later not much has changed. He can fix a computer with ease but doesn’t know how to send a letter. An avid collector of art books & manga.

  • GAVIN M.

    Gavin absolutely loves everything about the Batman universe, his favorites being Batman, Harley, the Joker and even the maniacal Batman Who Laughs. On the Marvel sides it’s Dr. Strange. Gavin’s one of the go-to guys for Pokemon, Pops and manga.


    Hawkeye is not named after the superhero, but rather the woodsman of lore, who, in fact, the superhero is named after. Hawkeye manages our back issue files, and is just thrilled to find people pulling stacks out and leaving them atop the files.

Store Info

77 E. Madison St., Chicago, IL. 60602
(312) 629-1810

Store Hours

Monday-Friday: 10am-7pm
Saturday: 11am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm