Variant Subscription FAQ

How do you handle variant covers?

If you are interested in receiving variant covers of a title - we now have the option to subscribe to those as well.
On your My Subscriptions page, on your list of subscribed titles, to the right the subscription Quantity box you will see a drop box with 5 options to select from:

  • No variants
  • Variants $10 and under
  • Variants $25 and under
  • Variants $50 and under
    All variants regardless of price  
    (Be advised this will subscribe you to even the most expensive variants.
    If you have a set cutoff regarding how much you are willing to spend above the $50 mark, please contact us)

If you choose a qty. of 1 and select variants $10 and under for a title like Fantastic Four (for example) and Marvel releases a regular cover, a 1 in 10 cover priced at $6.99 and a 1 in 50 priced at $29.95, you will end up with 2 copies of Fantastic Four that month. The regular copy and the 1 in 10 copy, but not the 1 in 50. Subscribing to a variant does NOT guarantee your receiving the variant.

Subscribers get preferential treatment as all variants are first handed out to them, but some variants are so rare (1 in 700 for example) that we simply can not get enough copies to cover ALL CUSTOMERS.
We will take into factor how long you've been a subscriber and when you signed up for the title in determining who is to receive the rarest of the books.

If you see a specific variant you would like to add to your order (for example you just want one specific variant, not every single one under the price point you have selected) see the instructions for adding non subscription books to your order below.

Any changes to your variant pulls, such as if you would like to sign up for variants, or change your price point cutoff, these changes must be made The Tuesday One Week Before Release. This will allow us to adjust the inventory and secure your copies. Any changes made after this point will not reflect on your account until the following week.