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Doc’s Reviews for the Week of 2/21/2024

 ELVIRA MEETS HP LOVECRAFT #1     DYNAMITE  While I will never not love an Elvira book, you’re talking to a guy who owns the full Claypool run (including the two trade collections!), I have to admit that Dynamite’s mini-series are getting a bit predictable. Elvira traversing the multiverse with some special guest trying to save … Read more

Doc’s Reviews for the Week of Feb. 14, 2024 (Happy Valentine’s Day)

 DRACULA AFTER MAN #1     AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY Well this one is an intriguing mishmash of concepts which might actually work. After surviving for generations, Dracula and a few vampire associates realize that the end of the human race is upon them and fashions a bunker to survive in suspended animation. Unfortunately, the status chambers breakdown … Read more

Doc’s Reviews for the Week of 01/31/2024

 BATMAN/SUPERMAN WORLD’S FINEST ANNUAL #1 This is what the World’s Finest title was always meant to be since it’s inception as World’s Best Comics in 1942. Superman, Batman, and Robin as the lead feature with multiple stories added in. And who better to fill in for the Big 3, than Bat-Mite, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and the … Read more

Doc’s Reviews for the Week of 01/24/2024

 FLASH #123 FACSIMILE EDITION DC COMICS Shiny Cover, blank cover, regular cover. No one can dispute what writer Gardner Fox, Penciller Carmine Infinato, and inker Joe Giella created here. Only 19 issues into the new series, this creative team brought us the very first multidimensional crossover in comics. Accidentally vibrating at a different speed causing … Read more

Doc’s Reviews For The Week Of 1/17/2024

 MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS #1 FACSIMILE  1984! The year George Orwell warned us about. And just before DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths was about to go full blast after monthes of disappearing heroes and villians, the characters of the Marvel Universe were disappearing too. And the main story started here a short 40 years … Read more

Doc’s Reviews for the Week of 1/10/2024

 GIANT SIZE SPIDER-MAN #1     MARVEL COMICS This isn’t your father’s Giant-Size Spider-Man, if it was you’d be getting a deluxe version of a Marvel-Team Up comic for 50 cents. And this isn’t your older brother Giant-Size Spider-Man which would have been a one-shot with Spidey and Doc Ock for $4.99. What we have is … Read more

A New Year Starts Here … At Doc’s Corner

 BIRDS OF PREY #5     DC COMICS I wonder if DC Comics realizes what Kelly Thompson’s story has given them. While this is the classic story of parent saving child, if you remove the Birds of Prey from the action, you end up with a pretty intriguing Wonder Woman story. Certainly much more interesting than … Read more