My First Comic by Nick

June 27, 2022 Articles, My First Comic

My first comic was Marvel Tales #143 The Amazing Spider-Man #6, it was the first appearance of The Lizard. I remember I was only a kid at the time and my grandpa gave it to me as a gift and of course after seeing that cover I had to see what was inside, and I’m glad I did!

When I started reading that comic I could not wait to see what it had in-store for me! As I was reading I found myself more intrigued by the Lizard more than Spider-man, like half-man half-reptile? That’s pretty cool in the eyes of a kid. I remember being so fascinated by the Lizard that I started picking up more and more Spider-man comics just to see who he would fight next until, I stumbled across the one villain that has remained my all-time favorite Marvel character to this day. Venom.

I’ve been interested in comics ever since, Marvel especially. It was sort of my gateway into this vast universe of all these stories just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by not just comic enthusiasts but to all who pick one up because who knows, someone who has never picked up a comic in their life, could turn into a huge fan of whatever they picked up.