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Doc’s Reviews for the Week of 11/29/2023

 DOOM PATROL #99     DC COMICS While I want to complain about the fact that the Big Two keep reaching back into the past to keep releasing these facsimile editions because 80% of their new titles just cannot connect with a large audience, I keep my mouth shut because these old tales are entertaining as … Read more

My First Comic Purchase by Frank R.

One of my earliest memories of super-heroes was watching The Justice League Animated Series early mornings before school. Remembering back, my favorite from the bunch was always John Stewart. He was the coolest looking member in the bunch and also was my introduction to the Green Lantern Corps. Growing up, most weekdays after school my … Read more

Black By Kevin H

Friday. There might be snow.  That doesn’t matter. It is not a white Friday. It will be a day for Adams. It will be a day for Panthers. It will be a day for Hammers. For Bolts. For Tape. But not for projects. It will be a day for Beacons. It will be a day … Read more

Doc’s Reviews For the Week of 11/15/2023

OUTSIDERS #1     DC COMICS Annoying! That’s what this new DC title is … annoying. You know why? Because in 1999, on the very edge of the new century, Warren Ellis and John Cassaday debuted a new Wildstorm title called Planetary and I was immediately hooked. The stories were steeped in pulp action and mysterious … Read more

Journey into Comics #382 By Rick B

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I too wanted to be able to share what comic books I give my thanks for. In no particular order here’s a bunch of comics I give thanks for. Thanks to Walter Simonson’s Thor. To this day, nearly 40 years later, every Thor comic is judged against you and … Read more

Doc’s Reviews – Week of 11/8/2023

 SHAZAM! #5      DC COMICS Mark Waid’s story continues to bounce between insanity and the realism of the human condition. Mercury gets his turn at controlling the Captain (and I thought calling him Shazam back in the 1970’s sounded goofy.) but he’s definitely no better than the rest. But Mary’s taken some time off … Read more

Giving Thanks For Theme Covers by Nick L

If there’s anything that I love, it’s holiday themed covers. There’s always a ton of Halloween, Christmas, even Valentine’s Day ones. Thanksgiving ones, however, are a little bit more unusual. Thus, here are 5 of my favorite Thanksgiving covers for your enjoyment as we approach this holiday all about appreciating all the good in your … Read more

Help Us Help You by John E

You like comics?  We like comics too. We also like to stock them for you; but in a world where there’s more publishers and variants than ever before it’s getting harder to know what to stock. Last month there was approx. 1,300 single issue covers in the new offering catalogs; and while we always want … Read more

Doc’s Reviews for the Week of 11/1/2023

 AQUAMAN & THE LOST KINGDOM SPECIAL #1 DC COMICS With a new Aquaman movie coming out in theatres sometime? in the near future, it would only be natural for DC to release what we used to call a movie adaption. You know, telling the story of the movie in a mini-series comic. However, DC fooled … Read more