Doc’s Reviews for the Week of 4/12/2023 – Graham Crackers Comics

Doc’s Reviews for the Week of 4/12/2023


While my love of this title is well known, I am always amazed by what twists and turns Tom King and Jorge Fornes come up with. And yes, we will be needing to send out a ***SPOILERS ALERT*** for this review just because there is no way around it. As the story has been going so far, it seemed like we’d be coming to an epic conclusion soon. But no! Tom King does a 180 and drives us back into the unknown. With Starman and Warlord trying to recover the coffin from the graveyard, Orion attacks. and the battle is epic! Another Green Team member bites it at the hands of Manhunter. New deals are cut and is it possible that one of the Dingbats is a double agent? Only the Helmet of Nabu is telling! But most remarkable is the face off between Jack Ryder and Batman! And as much as I hate to admit it (as Ryder is a jerk in the series) he has a point. Introducing new and exciting plot points in issue 5 was a stroke of genius and is handled with King’s usual style. 10 out of 10 Grahams.



You know what the problem with Tribute Issues are, those being the focas are no longer with us. Agree or disagree with him, Neal Adams was a creative genius who stood his ground no matter who it pissed off. And the gang at Alter Ego, who knew him much better than I did, made me proud of the coverage here. We sometimes forget just everything Neal Adams had his hands in. Sure DC and Marvel but who remembers Now Comic’s Skateman?! Or DC’s Stamp Albums and Calenders! The tales told here and the artwork on display serve as a reminder of the amazing comics I grew up on. This one is manitory reading for everyone who read comics in the 1970’s! 10 out of 10 Grahams. Miss you, sir.



Seriously wrong on so many levels but I must admit that it must have been an interesting conversation between writer Gerry Duggan and artist Scott Koblish. How does one tell his artist that he gets to draw a giant monster pooping all over San Francisco? And then he gets to illustrate same giant monster having *ahem* relations with a building? But by far, he really nailed it on the giant monster “booty scoot”.! Told you this one was wrong. Interspersed with humor and grossness, Not recommended for the all ages crowd, but this one will make you laugh and make you ill. That’s a powerful combination. I give it a 7 out of 10 Grahams.