The 6 Covers of Christmas

December 15, 2021 Uncategorized

The 6 Covers of Christmas

The aesthetic of Christmas has always been my favorite out of all of the holidays (sorry Halloween). Warm fires and cold nights, the lights on the Christmas tree, the multi-colored ornaments and decorations, it’s all just so nice. I figured, what better way to showcase the Christmas season than with 6 of my favorite Christmas themed comic covers (in no particular order).

#6: Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #112

Santa, check. Sunglasses, check. A gun! Double check. This screams 80’s action movie and is just ridiculous. This seems to be quite the running theme with these Christmas themed comics. Either a mall Santa has gone rouge, or Ol’ Saint Nick himself has gone off the deep end and needs put down. Either way, this makes for a fantastic cover.

#5: Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995

Who doesn’t love Venom these days! And Venom-Claus? Even better! And both Ben Riley and Peter Parker alongside Human Torch? Beyond the cover, this issue is just a really fun Christmas special that I highly recommend for any Spider-Man and Venom fans, or just fans of the 90’s in general.

#4: DC Comic’s Presents #67

Another comic that isn’t just fantastic because of the cover. Superman teaming up with Santa to stop Toy Man from ruining Christmas? It’s perfect! This team up reminds me how ridiculous some of the DC Comic’s Presents and Brave & the Bold team ups were, but this one knocks it out of the park.

#3: The Incredible Hulk #378

Apparently Ebenezer Scrooge wrote marvel a LOT in the 80’s just to make Santa the “Most requested villain of ALL!” Even I have to admit though, this is a fantastic cover and a ridiculous concept. The lesson to be learned from this, never get between Santa and his milk and cookies.

#2: Fantastic Four #4

This cover is fantastic for two reasons. Mistletoe and holly! And Santa-Thing is pretty cool too.

#1: Bone Holiday Special

If you’ve ever read Bone, you will especially love this cover. If you haven’t read Bone, what’s wrong with you? Anyway, the Rat Creatures were some of my favorite characters in the entire series. I just hope there’s a tasty quiche in that box!