July 14, 2021 Uncategorized

Stray Dogs #1 cover a

Blink and you missed it! One of the best comic book stories of the year has recently wrapped up and is nowhere to be found. Searching all the Graham Crackers Comics locations you might come up with an issue or two but it just finished and most issues are very hard to find.

What is this story?- – Image Comics’ number one selling comic book, Stray Dogs. This 5 issue series just concluded its nerve-racking run a few weeks ago and the issues are nearly completely sold out within the chain.

The graphic novel does not see print until this fall, but you do have one last chance to gather up the complete five issue series yourself. Stop by your local Graham Crackers Comics shop today and reserve the final printings of this series which will be out the first week of August. These five issues will sport new covers and will have the complete story within. And you can get them all together and read them all without the wait time normally associated with a monthly comic book series. Again there will be a trade paperback coming out in September but if you would like to get the full 5 issues in comic book form please stop by your favorite Graham Crackers Comics store and request them.

Stray Dogs #5 cover b horror movie variant

One last thing there will be a Stray Dogs comic book from Image Comics this year on Free Comic Book Day in the middle of August. So look for that Stray Dogs prequel comic book which will tell the story of the first Stray Dog!