March 16, 2020 Articles

At this point I’m sure everyone is well aware of the COVID-19 virus that our country is trying to keep under control at this point.   Graham Crackers Comics is doing it’s best to keep our stores open in a safe environment for everyone to shop in.  We’ve increased our cleaning regiment at all 12 stores, making sure to constantly wipe down counters, glass cases and all surfaces.  All of the usual common sense approaches as well, with any staff not feeling well being told not to come in, or being sent home, constant hand washing and minimizing contact.  All 12 stores are currently open during their regular posted business hours.

To better help our customers still continue to enjoy their weekly comic reading we are temporarily setting up the following options for our customers:

  • CURBSIDE PICKUP– Graham Crackers Comics is one of the few comic shops that has a complete inventory of product on our website at  You can place an order on-line, choose to pick it up at your local store, then once notified that your order is ready, give us a call from either the parking lot or when you’re on your way to the shop, and we will bring your order out to you in your car.  You can also utilize curbside pickup WITHOUT the use of the website.  Just call us ahead of time – if you have comics in your ‘hold box’ we can get them rung up ahead of time and bring them to your car when you show up.  You’re even welcome to ‘shop the store’ via phone and tell us what you’d like us to grab off the racks for you!  We’re happy to accommodate you in whatever way you are most comfortable!

  • FREE SHIPPING for in-store club members !  If you would rather not leave your home at all during the next couple weeks, but still want to get your subscription comics we offer the following free service to all in store subscribers.  If you have 10 or more books in your HOLD BOX, give us a call and we can charge your card and SHIP THE BOOKS FOR FREE directly to your home or work shipping
  • FREE SHIPPING on WEBSITE ORDERS over $49 !  Normally free shipping and handling is reserved for all domestic orders over $75.  We have temporarily lowered that threshold to $49 to make it easier for our customers to utilize this option.
  • ALL MARCH EVENTS CANCELLED –  Magic Tournaments, Heroclix, D&D, store signing events, all for the safety of our guests, staff and customers have been cancelled for the entire month of MARCH at ALL locations.  We will re-address things come APRIL when we HOPE to return to normal.

Our ANNUAL GRAPHIC NOVEL SALE happens to have landed on this week as well.  We’re offering two options in the stores:

 BUY 1 GRAPHIC NOVEL, get a 2nd for 50% OFF

 BUY 2 GRAPHIC NOVELS, and get a 3rd for FREE

or for mail orders customers only, get 25% OFF any GRAPHIC NOVEL purchase with the coupon code:  GRAPHIC

If your job is making you work from home and you’re trying your best to stay there – the timing couldn’t be better for picking up some GREAT GRAPHIC NOVELS and catch up on series that you’ve been hearing so much about!  Whatever your comfort level, we will do our best to make it as easy as possible for you to continue reading great comics and graphic novels.

We can’t even begin to express how much we appreciate your continued patronage of our stores, and any shopping options you select with us will help us continue to keep the stores open offering the same great services and selections you expect.

Thank you from all of us here at Graham Crackers Comics

Mr Miracle