Nostalgic Marvel By John Sharples

March 15, 2020 Articles

Recently Marvel has printed facsimile editions of classic stories such as Amazing Fantasy #15 and Incredible Hulk #181. Being a Marvel guy I would like to see more facsimile editions. These are my recommendations that are not only nostalgic but cornerstones of the Marvel Universe.

1. Avengers #4 Volume 1.
This story brought Captain America back to Marvel in a story by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Frozen in ice since World War 2 he was found by the Avengers and wakes up a man out of his own time. He finds himself in a world very different from his own. The 1960’s was a world that changed for him as well as society in general. The story also covered the “death” of Bucky Barnes. A side note. A Captain America did appear in Strange Tales 114, in a story featuring the Human Torch. A villain named the Acrobat disguised himself as Cap. It was a tryout to see if fans were still interested in Cap.

2. Fantastic Four #48 Volume 1.

Another classic story by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. This, the first story in the Galactus trilogy not only introduces us to Galactus but also the Silver Surfer. It is a story in which a blind women, Alicia Masters, convinces a character to make the ultimate sacrifice. Fans of the current Thor series can note Galactus is still trying to devour planets.


3. Amazing Spider-Man #33 Volume 1.

Personally this is my favorite Marvel story. A classic tale by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko tells the story of fighting all odds to deliver a serum to the hospital to save his Aunt May. Spidey must face the Master Planner aka Doc Ock as well as being trapped under tons of metal. The art by Ditko in those scenes are amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. It would be great to hear everyone’s favorites.