Wonderful World of Coloring Books by John Elle

July 26, 2022 Articles

Ah, the memories.  Waking up on a Saturday morning with a bowl of Lucky Charms to the best lineup of Saturday Morning Cartoons, a box of crayons and a clean coloring book.  Most of us probably started our artistic journeys in a way similar to this.  To be young with no regard for color theory and ignoring most of the lines pre-drawn on the page.  “Color within the lines? What sorcery is this?!”

Many years have passed since most of us were children and most of us probably haven’t cracked a box of crayons in years (or even decades), yet coloring books are as popular as ever and even more diverse ranging from books designed for kids, to adult (usually featuring more intricate linework and themes) and every genre from learning to activity books to all your favorite licensed properties.

The coloring books we stock for our stores also have one major improvement from the ones we used to pick up at the grocery store and that is the paper stock quality.  The newer books we stock tend to have a thicker quality paper which is not only suitable for crayon, but you can also use markers (regular Crayola and also higher quality copic pens).

Here are some of the books I would recommend:

Iron Maiden The Official Coloring Book

Of course I’m recommending this.  They have been my favorite band since I was 13.  You don’t get much more Iconic than their “mascot” Eddie.  The book contains art of all the band members as well as album covers and other art made specifically for the coloring book.

Walking Dead Adult Coloring Book & Rick Grimes Coloring Book

I like to joke that this one is “pre-colored” as the original series was in glorious black and white.  If you need your zombie fix, and enjoy the book or the show, this is a good way to spend a Friday night.

Lady Mechanika Steampunk Coloring Book Vol 1 & 2

A Lot of people slept on this fun series (which still has pretty frequent releases).  If you’re looking for a little more advanced level coloring book, this one has plenty of intricate line work to play around with and a fantastic Steam Punk/Neo-Victorian aesthetic.  Que up some Abney Park & Cog Is Dead, brew some tea (ironically tea-stains would fit this book perfectly…will have to try that…) and as my 2 year old niece would say “art away!”

Chew Coloring Book

Special Agent Pollo.  Enough said!

Avatar The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra Coloring Book

Based off the hit Animated series and its spin off series, these will help you with your color bending skills. Color your favorite moments!

Tentacle Kitty Coloring Book

It’s an interdimensional Kitten whose bottom half is squid.  Help her find her way to her new existence on Earth!

DC Super Hero Girls A Kids Coloring Book

Your favorite DC Heroines in your favorite All Ages style drawn by the same artist as the regular graphic novel series!  Features Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Batgirl & More!As you can see, there is plenty of variety in coloring books these days.  Some honorable mentions are Alien, Demon Slayer, Family Guy, The Goonies, Junji Ito, Marvel’s Black Panther and Age of Ultron as well as Batman’s Hush.
So if you are looking for something fun to do with your family (or give your kids something to hang on their fridge), are looking for something to entertain yourself, or just haven’t picked up a box of art supplies in a while, coloring books are still a great option all these years later!