Cover to Cover by Jim Brozman

July 12, 2022 Articles

Say what you will about the current state of Marvel Comics, but they do support their legion of stellar 1990’s hard-working artists by continuing to employ them. Artists like Ron Lim, Chris Sprouse, Rob Liefeld and Todd Nauck are seen regularly on the covers and interiors of many Marvel Comics comic books each week.

Neary a week goes by that there is not a Ron Lim cover of a Marvel book. (Wait, I haven’t seen any Paul Neary work out there recently, Alan Davis yes. But where is Paul? Get on that Marvel!). Walt Simonson, Art Adams, Brett Booth, Tom Raney and Ron Frenz and many more artists’ work is showcased on various covers each and every week; and they continue to sell magazines. No not 1990’s numbers, but we stock 4 or 5 Ron Lim covers of whatever he draws and they sell. Ron Lim still has fans that seek out his covers. They disappear from the racks quickly.

Chris Sprouse’s current and continuing series of alternate gold framed Star Wars covers have been a hit all year. Each issue highlights characters from different time-lines of the galaxy of Star Wars universes are among the best drawings of his epic career. Seek them out and you’ll see for yourself.

Even Rob Liefeld’s has had a big year with the (seemingly) never ending Deadpool 30th Anniversary. In true celebratory fashion every one and almost every book was invited to the party, delighting Rob and Deadpool fans alike.

The fan favorite artist Todd Nauck works currently drawing Marvel and DC Comics covers and interiors. If you like Todd Nauck comic book artwork style and a generation of comic book readers do, you’ll find his 1990’s cartoon-style renderings somewhere on the comic book racks each and every week. You can spot these covers very easily. Todd Nauck covers are drawn like a Todd Nauck drawing because Todd Nauck draws like Todd Nauck. Ron Lim draws like Ron Lim.

There is something for everyone with the ever growing selection of comic book covers available today. Between veteran and new artists alike Marvel (as well as other publishers) are making sure there’s something for everyone’s tastes.

There are as many choices of comic book covers as there are heroes. If you prefer the current style of superhero offerings the main covers are probably for you. But if you are nostalgic for the the comic book covers of the past you only have to look as far as the other cover to find your favorite. The quest is the quest!