My Top 5 Current Ongoing Series By Connor K.

October 2, 2019 Articles, Managers, Reviews

1. Immortal Hulk
In my opinion this is the best Hulk book we’ve had since “Planet Hulk”. Al Ewing and Joe Bennet have made the perfect mix of horror and super hero comics. Bruce Banner is human by day and THE IMMORTAL HULK by night reigning terror on anyone who wronged him as Banner. This book has been the most consistently great title, delivering on every issue. A must read for any Hulk, horror, or comics fan.

2. Doomsday Clock
Despite having massive delays and still not being finished yet this still tops off at #2 on my list. Written by Geoff Johns with stellar art by Gary Frank, Ozymandias and Rorschach travel to the DC Universe in search of Dr. Manhattan so they can get him to help save their own universe from destruction, but not everything is as it seems. Definitely a must read for fans of the original “Watchmen” title or anyone who is looking for a great read and has had the patience to wait out the delays.

3. Ascender
Science Fiction as a genre has always been my go to so it’s not surprising this tops out at #3. The sequel series to Jeff Lemire’s and Dustin Nguyen’s “Descender”, the story takes place 10 years after the events of the first series and follows Andy and his daughter as they try to live in a new galaxy controlled by magic and the evil leader known as Mother. Yes I said magic, this series has magic as the new evil power taking over the universe after the fallout from the end of “Descender”. This book and its previous series are perfect for anyone looking for a classic Sci-Fi story, with stunning art and design.

4. House of X/ Powers of X
Marvel did it! They put out a worthwhile X-men title! Not only that, there’s two of them! Now these are two separate titles but I bunched them together because in my mind they should be considered one book not two. However Jonathan Hickman has made it worth reading the X-men again. The story itself is very involved and not quite finished but I highly recommend this to any and every fan of the X-men and I can’t wait to see how the series that come out after this unfold.

5. Gideon Falls
Once again Jeff Lemire makes the top 5 but this time with a Horror book called “Gideon Falls”. With art by Andrea Sorrentino this book follows two individuals who are inexplicably tied to this mysterious force “The Black Barn”. A disgraced Catholic priest brand new to the small country town named Gideon Falls and a man considered by many to be insane from a non-descript city. This is the best ongoing horror book going on right now in my opinion and I’m excited to see how this all wraps up