January 29, 2019 Events

Every single WEDNESDAY of 2019 is a FREE COMIC WEDNESDAY at Graham Crackers Comics.  This in itself is good news, who doesn’t like getting a FREE comic every Wednesday?  The better news is that we give out 3 FREE COMICS every single WEDNESDAY to every customer that comes in that day (and wants them – but really, like I said, how could you not want them?).

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (1st Saturday in May) is a spectacular day, but every single week is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Graham Crackers Comics 12 locations.  We have boxes full of hundreds of comic books that you can pick up for FREE (you get to choose the ones you want – gasp!) – and no purchase is necessary.   We look at it this way, you’re coming in to pick up the NEW COMICS of the WEEK anyway, so why not get some FREE older comics while you’re at it?   We buy collections every single week and more often than not end up with TOO MANY COPIES of the same books.  Rather than see them gather dust in a warehouse, we put them out for discounted prices during the week and GIVE THEM AWAY for FREE every Wednesday!

Bring in your neighbor, your wife, your 3 kids – walk away with 15 more free comics (see how that works?  each person can pick out 3 free comics of their choice from our select boxes).   We’ve been running this special day for YEARS now and are committed to giving out thousands of more comics throughout all of 2019 as well.

Even when there’s a week where there are no new comics you’re interested in, you’ll always know it’s still worth a trip to your local Graham Crackers Comics location on Wednesday since you can pick up 3 FREE COMICS while you’re there anyway!

Try a title you’d normal pass on, check out a publisher you’ve never heard of, give them away when you’re done.  Let someone else enjoy reading a comic.  It costs you nothings, so you’ve got nothing to lose!  If you enjoy FREE COMIC WEDNESDAYS please be sure to let your stores manager know as we review whether or not to keep these events going each year – and your feedback matters!

It’s just another way of our saying Thanks for shopping with us!

And yes, it’s at ALL 12 LOCATIONS
CALIFORNIA- Temecula, WISCONSIN – Madison, and all 9 other stores in ILLINOIS