Doc’s Reviews For the Week of 11/15/2023 – Graham Crackers Comics

Doc’s Reviews For the Week of 11/15/2023


Annoying! That’s what this new DC title is … annoying. You know why? Because in 1999, on the very edge of the new century, Warren Ellis and John Cassaday debuted a new Wildstorm title called Planetary and I was immediately hooked. The stories were steeped in pulp action and mysterious histories that was totally in my ballpark. Then DC bought Wildstorm and Planetary faded away. Now they are back and Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly story is a wonderful mix of old and new. The return of the Planetary Guide (I always wanted one of these!), a new Drummer and Fourth Man, and an interdimensional craft that is stumbled upon are all the building blocks of new mysteries. And Robert Carey’s art does remind me of some of the original art. So why is it annoying? Because it’s the flipping Bat-family again! DC seems to be unwilling to try any new Dawn of DC title unless it includes their cash cow or in this case bat. And even though Luke Fox tells Batwoman that his group will not have any use for costumes or super-teams, and no super-villains in cages, there she is throughout the issue in her black and red spandex. Even after they get her a winter change of clothes, she’s still sporting the Batarangs. Everytime I’m promised something new, it still has it’s roots in the Big 3. 8 out of 10 Grahams.



Writer Robert Vendette gave us a brief taste od a Justice Society connection in issue 1 but we are back to the Mystery Theatre this issue and it is a wonderful treat. Someone has discovered Wesley Dodds secret and has decided to follow in his footsteps just not with sleeping gas. And following in the footsteps of the evil Golden Age Flash villain, The Rival, there’s a new Sandman in town. The mystery builds as Wesley tries to rebuild his shattered real life while figuring out who stole the formulas for his deadly mistakes. This title is shaping up to be a good read. 9 out of 10 Grahams.



While not enthused with the new actual title, writer Jarrett Williams does a good job of providing a partial tie-in to the on-going story in the new Flash reboot while not forcing it. My main problem is that while the current Kid Flash and Avery Ho are interesting characters, I question whether they can carry a title on their own. Plus, it appears that DC is trying to turn the Flash into a multi-title like they’ve done with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Dawn of DC seems to be obsessed with giving each main hero a ‘family’ which then floods the newsstands with umpteen titles. But I will give full credit to the crew for coming up with a very unlikely villain which I highly approve of and has some throwback elements to an old member of the Rogue’s Gallery. 7 out of 10 Grahams.



Good evening everyone. Tonight we’ll be taking a look at IDW’s newest entry in their Rivals series of one-shots. This issue writer Mark Martinez takes us to the future of 2074 and pits the King of the Monsters against his robotic namesake, Mechagodzilla! What I like about this issue is the kaiju design that they use for Godzilla was the GMK or ghost Godzilla as the fans calls it. It was a treat to see that version  again after many years. This one was a tough kaiju in the movie so it fit well for this issue. Kara Huset and Alex Sanches’s art looks very cool with a few panels that were kind of scary and made for a good monster book. I give it an 8 out of 10 Grahams.