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Nick’s Summer Fun Covers

Here we are again, deep into the summer days, and nothing says summertime like a day at the beach!  And when not splashing in the water, maybe you are curled up in the shade, reading a comic!  So, for this batch of fun covers, I will be focusing on some of my favorite summer vibe covers (mostly beach stuff).

What The.. #4

As the cover states, it’s a mutant beach party!  Everybody is tuckered out from a long beach day.  Look at Wolverine, he’s wrecked, cigar still lit, clutching a beer.  Who hasn’t been there.

Marvel Age #76

An absolute classic. Who doesn’t love a She-Hulk beach cover?  Marvel never seemed to miss an opportunity to put She-Hulk in some semi-risqué covers, and this one has always been a favorite.

Simpsons Summer Shindig #2

There are several of these Summer Shindig issues, but this was my favorite of them.  Illustrates what summer is truly about:  going on week long video game and junk food benders with your best friend, while the other suckers wasted their summer having fun outside. Fools!

Batman #126

Just ridiculous.  Sure, I can believe Batman would want a beach day with Catwoman, but that cowl is going to leave quite the odd tanlines for Bruce Wayne to explain on Monday!

Betty and Me #16

Now, there certainly has to be hundreds of beach covers with Archie and the gang.  But perhaps none more infamous than this one, for obvious reasons.  A definitely difficult issue to get your hands on, but a collection grail like no other.

Bonus: Wolverine Card

Sadly, this is both not a cover as well as being Spring Break, but it fits the theme and is just too good.  Of course, Wolverine would be the ultimate grill master!

Well that concludes this edition of fun covers. I think it’s safe to say that the 90’s knew how to have some summertime fun! I know I miss the days of summer swimsuit issues, and X-Men having pool parties, and stuff like that… maybe one day we’ll have them again. Hope you enjoyed this wave of nostalgia. See you next time