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A Review or Two for the End of the Year Plus More Research from the Hidden Archives!

       Still out here at the underground security archives of Doc’s Corner, researching the missing 13 characters from DC’s most current universe. The Golden Age Aquaman has actually been an established character in both the Golden Age and the more modern eras so this one was an easy find. Aquaman made his debut in More Fun Comics #73 (Sept. 1941). His beginnings were more based in science fiction stories of the time with his origin story reading more like a cross between Phillip K. Dick and Jules Verne.

    Initially brought to us by the creative minds of Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris, Aquaman’s brief history is recounted over a series of 4 panels where we meet Aquaman’s father who was a famous unnamed undersea explorer. He discovers an ancient city under the ocean which he believes to be part of ancient Atlantis. Using some of these secrets, he gives his son the ability to breath under water, communicate with some sealife, and super-strength. Most experts generally accept the idea that the Golden Age Aquaman’s adventure ended in Adventure Comics #228. As in Adventure Comics #229, reoccuring secondary characters began appearing including Topo the Octopus.

     In more modern times, Roy Thomas made a brief mention of him in All-Star Squadron #31 ( ) with an actual guest starring appearance in All-Star Squadron #59. So I am happy to say that for this one, DC is spot on with continuity!


Ram V has proven that he knows Mr. Freeze (or do you say Mr. Zero?” better than anyone. Whatever else is being set up in the backround with werewolves and Two-Face, etc. comes in a distant second to the eight pages feature the interaction between Batman and Victor. When he compared Batman’s love of Gotham to his love of Nora, it is truly touching. There is no fight, no one goes to jail, and in the end Batman leaves Victor to his frozen underworld. The rest of the book is fine but that interaction brings it up to a 9 out of 10 Grahams.





You know how you make a (very) old Avengers fan happy? You put Hawkeye back in his 1970’s (Avengers 1st series #98) native american costume as it used to be called! That headband! It definitely came as quite the surprise and now I understand why the gang wanted me to review this. Yet another Avengers team in another Avengers series doesn’t thrill me at all. But you bring back the somewhat egomaniacal man shooting arrows in this iconic costume choice and I’ll venture a peek inside. So blah, blah, blah, the heroes return to Earth, they encounter a new villain, and poor Dave the AIM guy bites it just when everyone was starting to like him. No biggie but entertaining enough. Hey, Marvel! At least let Hawkeye keep the headband in the future. I give it a 7 out of 10 Grahams.



I have always hated the comic policy of renumbering titles. Exciting Comics is a bit of a different animal but as long as the continue to put the Legacy numbering on the cover, that’s what I’m using. The anthology title continues their current line-up of Fallen Justice, Green Tempest, They Call Him: Marvelous, and Xob, the Lightning Wielder. Fallen Justice’s Chapter 13 is an interesting interlude between the ongoing story. Writers Cary Kelley and Steve Forbes intertwine this break in the story well and keeps it going smoothly. Meanwhile over in Green Tempest, artist Javier Logo shows off his abilty to draw a lengthy fight scene and makes me wonder what he could do with an issue of the Flash as part 2 features a battle between a speedster and someone who control cold and ice. 7 out of 10 Grahams.