Things I Would Gift To Superheroes For The Holidays By Jake Pierce

December 6, 2022 Articles

Every year we wonder what to gift our loved ones for the holidays, for some it’s fun, for others it can be a task, if you’re like me it can be stressful getting the right stuff for a significant other or parent. So instead of spending my time figuring that out, I somehow came up with this list that won’t help me with my usual holiday troubles and stresses. I picked some things you can get at one of stores for different super heroes. Some heroes I chose, others were chosen for me by co-workers. Here goes!


Lately a lot of our stores have been stocking Comic book and other pop culture themed cook books. If there’s one thing Spidey doesn’t have time for, is Googling recipes online, they always have paragraphs and paragraphs of the writers lifestyle and where they go on vacation before you even get to the first step of the recipe. If Peter wants to impress MJ on a night in, it’s probably best just to have a cook book on hand. I’d probably choose a copy of Let’s Make Ramen for Peter.


You’d think this one would be tough, what do you buy a billionaire who has an unhealthy level of a grief over his dead parents? Well I’m not sure, but I do know Bruce’s favorite way of entering the Batcave is a secret button hidden in a statue on display. I think a Superman Statue would work, it wouldn’t be that odd for Bruce to have a Superman statue, and Batman would be obvious and on the nose. Just get someone to customize it in a way to have a secret button or lever and we’re good!


Honestly not gonna try here. What could you get a Hellspawn who’s longing for his previous human life? I’ll just go with a gift card for this one to play it safe. You can grab a giftcard and put any amount you want on it at any of our shops! Next!

Rocket Raccoon

Since GCC doesn’t sell explosives the only other thing I can think of is the Groot plushy from the Marvel beanie babies. Small enough for Rocket to keep on his person on the go if he wants to, but also cool to just have display in his room on the ship. Now that I think about it, some of the other characters we have in stock would be pretty good gifts for some of my family members.


Mark Grayson is a huge comic book fan and once he become a hero himself his pull list piled up because of his super hero duties, and with that he likely never heard about Radiant Black, a comic book that feels like an Invincible love letter at times. I feel like this series would be right up Mark’s alley and something he could sink his teeth into in between super hero battles.


Sometimes the best gifts you can give are the ones you’re most excited to see what the result of the gift being given is, and this is exactly that. I think a D&D starter set would be an awesome gift for the turtles. Imagine Donnie getting a campaign together for Raph, Mikey, Leo, April, and Casey. How this hasn’t been the side plot of an annual issue is a mystery. The only thing that would be almost as fun as the real adventures the turtles in a half-shell get into would be the tabletop adventures they came up with.

Well I still don’t know what to get all the people I didn’t have gift ideas for before writing this article but it was still fun and I hope you enjoyed reading!

Editors Addition: 

Bare walls in the house can be boring and we all know a certain X-Men who doesn’t mind taking a moment to appreciate a good photo. Naturally we would grab one of the 11×17 canvas prints to adorn on Wolverine’s walls… but with so many styles the hard part would be picking which one! Personally I’m leaning towards his future bff Deadpool, lol.