Jake’s guide to helping your family buy you comics for the holidays!

November 30, 2021 Articles

Every holiday season is a retail employee’s nightmare. I’ve worked in retail almost exclusively since I was a teenager and every winter season it’s expected that people shop for others with very, very loose ideas on what to get their second nephew twice removed. Every holiday season I see lists and gift guides to help navigate what to buy someone for Christmas, and since the world of comics and collectibles can seem daunting to someone not a part of our world, and comic fans all have specific tastes and series they enjoying following, I figured I would do something a little different. Instead this will be a guide to help you get what YOU want from YOUR family members who know nothing about comic books, Funko Pops, or anything nerdy for that matter.

Now I don’t want anyone reading to think this is sour grapes from someone working at a job most comic fans would love to have, so before we get into the list let’s just take a look at some of the regular questions and inquiries I get at my store each year for the holidays.

“I know he likes Batman, do you have anything Batman?”

Seems like a solid question, but when this is all someone has to go off of it’s basically the same as saying someone likes rock n’ roll be expected to make a music recommendation off of that and nothing else.

“What if she has it already?”

Honestly this is the big one, I hear this so often it hurts and is basically the reason I am writing this article.

“Do you have *insert thing that doesn’t exist*?”

Another big reason for this how to guide! For some reason if you just say “Spider-man stuff” your family member will come up with the most insane item that no one would even ask for or the most generic household item with Spidey’s face slapped on it, “Do you guys have any Spider-man plungers?” is a real thing a person asked me for.

“What’s popular right now?”

What’s popular may not be your thing, what’s popular may be something you already have, and let’s face it, what’s popular may be something your mother-in-law may think twice about you for wanting to read. 9 times out 10 when I’m asked this question in regards to gift shopping the person doesn’t buy my recommendation and goes with what they think looks fun, which could be something you find boring!

“I don’t know why he likes this stuff, do you have gift cards?”

This isn’t really a problem, but just boring, don’t be boring, let us sell your Aunt a rad graphic novel for you to open up Christmas day and be wowed by.

Even though we sell tons of comics with telepaths none of us are mind readers, we have no idea what’s in your collection, or what you would like. So here’s what you can do to help avoid that and ease the shopping experience for your uncle who hasn’t read comics since they were sold at the drug store and WILL let us know when he stops by.

Step 1 – Tell your family members what you want.

Step 2 – Have them write it down, or Google it and send them a screenshot of it so they won’t forget or get confused.

Step 3 – Give them options, chances are your LCS doesn’t have that out of print omnibus from 5 years ago for retail and then you’re stuck with a graphic novel you may already have or have no interest.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do to help us, help you and your family members get YOU the graphic novel, comic, or collectible to make your holiday a bit better. I bet you thought it would be a lot of work but that’s all it takes for any of these examples to turn into this,

“Hi, do you have *shows picture*”

“I sure do!”

Follow these easy steps to help save a comic store employee’s sanity, and have a Happy Holiday this year.