It’s All About the #3 FCBD 2021

August 11, 2021 Docs Corner, Reviews

Like Schoolhouse Rock taught us all those years ago, 3 is a magic number! And is really is, you see three monthes ago we would have been celebrating Free Comic Book Day in May. And although Covid didn’t allow that to happen, 3 monthes later here we are getting ready to raid our local Graham Crackers for free books. And simply for the cost of waiting in line, you can go home with 3 Free Books. See … 3 really is magic. The best part of this event is the chance to get a slight taste of some new obscure title that may become your favorite new book. Here, I’ll show you with my three choices (with a little help from Lily Schaefer!)


Four! Four! Four books in One! As we get to journey into the world of Super-Heroine, Red Dawn. The year is 1999 and Dawn McGregor is stopping a highjacking with her explosive super powers! From the creative mind of Brandon McKinney, this will wet your appitite for issue #1 coming soon. And discover why Pat McCormick’s Charley & Humphey is written by Justin Sane and drawn by John Hageman. Just what is this Pat McCormick’s game  and why is a talking horse and bulldog sailing the seven seas in a cartoon which reminds me of Beany & Cecil? Meanwhile, Music fans rejoice as we get a biographical look at the band FIGHT as they open for Anthrax, Pantera, and Voivod! And last but not least, the amazing and original look at Frankenstein as Mel Smith and Paul H. Birch examine the lives of the people whose parts Henry Frankenstein would use to create his legendary creature! 10 oout of 10 Grahams.



What happens when you let Ed Piskor run rampant in a sick and twisted world that resembles a cross between 1960’s underground comics and obscure 1990’s independant comics? You get this weird and traumatizing look at an underculture given rise with the advent of the internet and some of it’s dark rabbit holes we definately don’t want people to see in our browser histories! Filled with dark humor and cultural Easter Eggs (Clutch Cargo? Tennesse Tuxedo? That’s going deep!) The characters on parade here are both fascinating and disturbing. While not for the weak of heart (or stomach!) These tales have potential and this little sampling is enough to help you decide to jump onboard the regular series or not! I give it an 8 out of 10 Grahams.





A wonderful introduction to the new spin-off series from the Rent-A-Girlfriend Manga. Shy girl Sumi has got a plan to make some cash and strengthen her social skills. But right now all she wants is an Angel French donut. Like the original Manga, Reiji Miyajima’s characters are down to earth and drawn in a very cute anime art style. The drama filled story about the hunt for the illusive donut is tragic yet humorous. One of my favorite characters from the original series, it’s great to see her get her own spin-off while keeping true to the main Manga. I give it a 9 out of 10 Grahams.