June 2, 2021 Articles, Lists

Commentary by Pete from Lakeview

Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot- we all know the Guardians of the Galaxy. But they’re not always working together to protect us from cosmic dangers. Sometimes they have private business to attend to, and other messes to find themselves in. Today we’re going to take a look specifically at Rocket Raccoon and some of the misadventures he’s had in some non-Guardians of the Galaxy books.

5. Bluffing against Gladiator.

This one is a little bit of a cheat because he was with the Guardians at the time, but it happens in the War Of Kings miniseries so I’m allowing it. How does a raccoon stand up against someone as mighty as the praetor of the Shi-ar Imperial Guard? With a bluff, of course. He had a little help from Rachel Summers to make a mop appear as a deadly quantum weapon built specifically to harm Gladiator, and for a while the psychic attack had Gladiator paralyzed with pain. (War of Kings #3)

4. DMing for the Avengers.

Rocket has been a dungeon master for the Guardians of the Galaxy before too, but in 2016’s Rocket Raccoon & Groot series, he ran a D&D campaign for a whole slew of Avengers, including Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Beta Ray Bill, and more. Tony Stark, of course, had to try and use some supplemental material Rocket hadn’t approved and they got into a little argument, leading to Rocket joining Tony’s “Fantasy Football League,” which was… a little different than our procyonid hero was expecting. (Rocket Raccoon and Groot #4)

3. The Pym Particle.

Obviously Rocket Raccoon loves to steal things. What are his little raccoon hands for if not grabbing stuff? Well, while working with the Avengers to prevent Nyx from extinguishing light in the universe forever, Rocket stole some Pym Particles from Hawkeye and used them to make himself huge. For someone as short as he is (he clocks in at 4’ in Marvel Comics, and 3’1” in the movies) it must be great to be able to smash things and stomp around as a 30 foot tall hero. (Avengers No Road Home #9)

2. Looking Dapper.

Rocket has had a few different costumes over the years (including a fun green spandex drawn by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola in the 1980s!) but in recent years he’s really taken a liking to fashion. Rocket has been dressing well in a lot of his appearances by Al Ewing, the current writer of the Guardians of the Galaxy ongoing, but one specific time he got really dressed up was for Jack Flag’s funeral. Jack had been a Guardian when Abnett and Lanning were writing the series, so it was heartwarming to see Rocket and Groot show up at his funeral after he died. Rocket dressed up in a handsome little suit (Captain America Steve Rogers #11)

1. Blowing up Moons.

When the Brood attack, Laura and Gabby Kinney get some help from the Guardians. While hanging out together, Rocket gets something we all want: to destroy an uninhabited moon. Who doesn’t want to see an explosion that dang big? Rocket also installs a universal translator in Gabby’s pet wolverine Jonathan (the first actual wolverine in space), much to Gabby’s delight. (All New Wolverine #24)