WHY? By Kevin H.

February 24, 2021 Articles


The last man, that’s why.

Been inside lately?  Been outside lately?  Been everywhere in a mask lately?  Cabin fever got you down? Twitchy? Lonely?

Take the edge off real life by adding that same edge to your reading pile with Y The Last Man by Brian K Vaughn and (mostly) Pia Guerra.  It is m a y b e the last of the great long form graphic novels published by Vertigo, joining the ranks of Preacher and Transmetropolitan.  Serialized for some sixty months, it follows the last man on Earth.  His name, alas, is Yorick, and he is an illusionist.


He is both poor, and a poor choice to be the last man on Earth.  Don’t take that the wrong way, he’s a good guy, he’s just got some growing up to do.  He’ll be the last person who pees standing up who gets that chance. You want to be there while he does.

For every qwazy conspiracies out there now, Yorick’s world had people predicting this could happen.  They must have also seemed like quacks.  Right up until the planes started dropping out of the sky.  If he’s the LAST man, then something must have happened to the rest.  It did, and its bad.  People rarely wish to be liquefied from the inside out.  To even suggest that nearly half the world’s population wanted it to happen would be folly.  True story.

But they did.  And that leaves us with Yorick.

Sometimes, selling someone on a great book needs to just be the hook, presented above for your approval. You don’t want everything spoiled for you. You probably already know by now if you’re interested.  If you aren’t, I’ve presented it poorly, so let me throw a few more things in: This book has real life amazons.  This book features the end of organized government as we know it. Yorick has a poop throwing monkey for a sidekick. Truly, a ‘something for everyone’ title if ever there was one.

What happened?  How does it finish?  Does he get scheduled for the vaccine?  I can’t give you those answers.  You’ll have to read the book to find out.  While you’re inside, while its cold and snowing, while we’re all at the end of our ropes, I can think of nothing better than being reminded there’s a chance it could be worse.  Recommended for fans of Saga, Paper Girls, and comics.