The Graham Crackers Comics 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

December 2, 2020 Articles, Managers

The Holiday season is always a difficult one, made up of running around, store to store, gathering up goodies for friends and family. It can get hectic, and downright panic inducing even under the best of circumstances. So with a year as difficult as this one, all of our Graham Crackers locations can become your one stop shop for a variety of people on your shopping list. Here are just a few categories to consider for the super hero lovers in your life.

POP Vinyls– You see them everywhere you go, and for good reason. They are too cute, bursting with variety, and a perfect stocking stuffer. Every location has a ton of pops, new and old. From Marvel and DC, Pokemon, Star Wars, Disney, sports, movies, there’s a pop for every taste. Many of our stores just recently got brand new Star Wars pops, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog and Holiday DC! Check with your local GCC today!










Action Figures– Always a staple, who doesn’t straight up love toys? I know every year, whatever was my favorite figure that Christmas, he was coming to school in my pocket every day, experiencing every day with me. All of our locations carry many brands, from Marvel Legends and Marvel Selects, DC Collectibles, NECA movie figures, and Star Wars Black Label. In fact, our locations just got the Joe Fixit Build a Figure wave of Marvel Legends as well as some new Star Wars Black Label figures!

Graphic Novels- Of course, things based off comics isn’t everything. There are the comics themselves! Now the list of recommendations could go on and on, and certainly all of the employees at our stores can point out personal faves and must haves a plenty. A route I usually take is books that todays hottest tv and movies have been based on. Do you know somebody that loves The Boys, Umbrella Academy, Deadly Class, or Walking Dead, but they’ve never read the books? Now is the time to gift them the originals. And of course there are perennial best sellers like Saga, Paper Girls, Wytches, Batman Killing Joke, etc., as well as new faves like Something is Killing the Children and Doomsday Clock! Truly, something for every taste.

Trinkets and Statues- Every one of our stores is stocked floor to ceiling with all kinds of little comic related treats like enamel pins, blind box figures, our own Graham Crackers Mystery Boxes, puzzles, games, knitting kits, plushes, masks, a nearly endless list of stocking stuffers. And for those huge stockings, statues of all kinds. My personal favorites are the Gallery edition statues. These are $50 pvs statues of everyones favorite characters, from Captain America, Iron Man and Thor, to Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and many more!

Supplies- The classic “sock” present. I don’t know about you, but every year my parents were sure to get me the great present of socks! I know, not the most exciting of presents, but truly necessary. And I always appreciated it as a gift, because it’s the type of thing you never want to buy for yourself. I will wear my socks down to ribbons before I buy new socks. Thus, a great gift. Supplies are the sock of comic book presents. But everyone needs supplies. So if you are tired of seeing the house cluttered with random comics strewn all over, get some supplies! From bags and boards to keep the comics nice, to boxes to hold all of those books and get them off the floor, we’ve got you covered. And we don’t just have regular old white comic boxes, we have boxes decorated with actual art to spruce up your home collection.

So there you have it. Whatever you are trying to find, for every person on your list, you will find it at one of our stores. And if you don’t even know what you are looking for, we will help you find that too.