March 19, 2020 Articles

Our MURRIETA, CALIFORNIA store is closed due to the Governors order to SHUT DOWN last night.  We can still handle mail orders if you would like your books shipped to you.

Our ILLINOIS stores will be closing at 5pm on SATURDAY (all 10 locations).   Not only is this the LAST DAY of our GRAPHIC NOVEL SALE (lucky you to stock up during this shut-down) – it will also be the last day we can open our doors to the public until the TENTATIVE April 8th date (NEW COMIC DAY) announced by Governor Pritzker.

This is your LAST CHANCE to pick up books you have on HOLD, on SUBSCRIPTION or off our racks for the next 2 1/2 weeks!  We can STILL offer curbside pickup on March 20th and 21st, but after that it’s no longer allowed.

To help better deal with the current ongoing pandemic – we have reduced our store hours at a number of locations.  The hour reductions are very minimal, and if this impacts your ability to pick up your books – please feel free to contact us and we can work out something to get you your books when you want them.

Our 3 Chicago locations will be closing one hour earlier than normal during the week.
With the downtown LOOP store closing at 7 pm
Lakeview and Andersonville will be closing at 6 pm

Plus our St. Charles store will be closing during weekdays at 6pm
and our Murrieta, California store closing at 6pm as well.

We have updated our hours on our website as well as on our GOOGLE listings to help everyone keep up to date easily on these ever changing times.

We GREATLY appreciate everyones patronage in helping us keeping the stores open and running so you can still pick up GREAT reading material.