LAKEVIEW store broken into

March 8, 2020 Articles

Unfortunately this morning (Sunday March 8th) we got a phone call that our Lakeview location (3162 N. Broadway) got broken into. I‘m writing about it publicly in the hopes that someone may recognize the individual that we caught on camera, or if they spot him in their shop to be aware of the type of individual they are dealing with and to call the police.

The police are already investigating the matter,and the

ator made the mistake of calling for some help/advice during the event, so we’ve got some good sound quality on his voice as well.   The damage to the shop was very minimal and the perpetrator mostly stole individual Magic Cards, our TV (New Release board), a KISS Starchild figure (go figure, he passed on the Gene Simmons) – a poster, a Flash T-Shirt, Deathstroke Gallery statue and a Bart Simpson bank.  Took his sweet time browsing the store, trying to decide what to take, and fortunately posed for the security cameras several times.

The individual smashed the front door and made their way around the shop, eventually exiting out the back door, where I assume they either had a vehicle or had someone pick them up, as I can’t imagine walking far with a giant 55″ TV  under your arm during the twilight hours…

While this is upsetting

 to have someone break into your place and take your stuff, it clearly could have been much, much worse so we’re grateful tha

t no one was harmed, minimal damage was done, and not a TON of product was taking so the store is still open, with only a boarded up door as evidence that there even was any break in.

This appears to have been an impulsive break in as this guy did not know what he wanted and just took things that caught his eye or that he figured was valuable.  He also took a pair of womens shoes and a hoodie from the back room, most likely for his girl ‘Shorty’.   If anyone has any information on this individual, please contact us directly at the store (773) 665-2010.  Actions like this hurt everyone, the stores, the customers, the industry and, of course, the individual that will eventually get caught living this lifestyle.
Thanks for reading and looking –

John Robinson,
Graham Crackers Comics