Gobble Gobble! Some cool reads for the holidays by Mike H.

November 26, 2019 Reviews

1. Die
For anyone out there that likes the Role Master or any other rpg this is a series for you! Kieron Gillen has written a magnificient story. Imagine the 2017 movie of Jumanji but make it darker and grittier. A group of kids decide to play this new game and once the die start rolling we find out they dissapear! Eventually all of them come back two years later, well…. almost all of them. Time jump to them as adults do to certain circumstances the gang must go back into the the game once again. All this was in just the first issue! As you read on you get find out more about what happened to each kid during the time they dissapeared. Six issues for a chapter and a chapter is one volume I would get volume one right away cause this journey has no happy ending on the horizon unlike Jumanji.

2. Sandman Universe: The Dreaming
For any of you Sandman fans this series is a must read. One of the four Sandman Universe comics going on right now, being overseen by Niel Gaiman, Simon Spurrier’s The Dreaming would be a what if scenario. What if Dream aka Morpheus Decides to quit being the lord of dreams and stories? Where did he go? What are the residents of the Dream going to do now? Also who is Dora? With fourteen issues out and still going this series is jam packed full of mystery and adventure. It also crosses over into the other three series. If that isn’t enough to peek your interest then perhaps the inclusion of our favorite occult detective further down the line might.

3. Monstress
The mind of Majorie Liu and the artistry of Sana Takeda combined has created this fantasy tale full of magic, mystery, steampunk, and kaijus!? Our main protagonist, young Maika, is the host to an unknown entity that is itching to be let loose. It also gives her some handy powers but at a cost. Together with a multi-tailed cat and a fox child they must journey through a war torn world and at the same time she discovers more about herself, her family, and the unknown entity. I would recommend this series to anyone that wants a serious story that has a bit of everything in it as well as amazing art.

4. Immortal Hulk
I would say that this is the top series going on in Marvel Comics right now and its not even a super hero comic! Al Ewing has turned the Incredible Hulk into a Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde horror series. After the events of No Surrender Bruce Banner and Hulk are back! Banner by day unhinged Hulk by night?! Throughout the story it delves deep into the Hulk lore plus will include other gamma themed characters both new and old. If you’re not a fan of the Hulk you soon will be if you read this series. I know because it happened to me!

5. Guardians of the Galaxy (2019)
Marvel getting there hands on Donny Cates is in my opinion helping to make Marvel Comics great again. The Mad Titan Thanos is dead…or is he? All the major powers in the universe have gathered to listen to a message he left letting everyone know “Hey I may be dead but I implanted my consciousness in to someone out there in the galaxy. Have fun!” Now its a race to find this mysterious person first but the question is who will succeed? The new Guardians of the Galaxy team or the Dark Guardians? Read and find out!

Happy Thanksgiving!