Winter Wonder Sale: A Primer for Our Best Sale of the Year!

November 13, 2019 Articles, Events

This weekend, Friday November 15 through Sunday November 17, every one of our locations will be hosting our favorite sale of the year, the winter sale. A good way to get yourself out of those early winter blues and ready for the gifting season, come on out for the best deals you will find in comics:

50% Off Back Issues and 25% Off Almost Everything Else!!!

But what does that mean? What even are back issues? What even is Everything Else?

Back Issues- This is all the older issues that are no longer on our new release racks, and have been moved to our back issue boxes. These boxes all say back issue (like here in this picture for the DC books). All of these back issues will be half off their marked price.

Older Collector/Key issues are not a part of this half off sale. Our stores usually have these books separate from regular back issues, most usually behind the counter area, sometimes in a nearby collector box. These issues (first appearances, key storylines, etc.) will not be part of the half off. However, some of the not so key but still very nice behind the counter issues may be had for 25% off. So, if you are at any of our stores and see an awesome book behind the counter, just enquire with the manager on duty if any deal can be made on any particular issue. It may or may not be 25% off, you never know, just ask.

What else is not part of the overall sale? Any of the new release recent issues that are on our wall shelves, any items on hold in club boxes or on hold in general, any brand new items that have released in the last month.
So what does the 25% off almost everything else pertain to:

Basically everything else: All graphic novels, tpbs, Hardcovers, action figures, toys,pop vinyls, supllies, magnets, tshirts, collected set packs, almost everything in our stores that are not back issues or new releases will be 25 percent off. If ever at a quandary as to “is this part of the sale”, just ask a manager on duty and they will clear it up for you.

Also, if you just can’t wait until the weekend, our Naperville and Lakeview locations will be offering a special pre-sale Thursday November 14 starting at 7 p.m.
This is always one of our most popular sales, one that always excites staff and customers alike, so please come out and stock up for either yourself or those hard to shop for people on your gift lists.