My First Comic – John Sharples

May 19, 2017 My First Comic


Written by Stan lee  Art by Jack the King Kirby

For my first comic we need to go back in time to Fantastic Four #5, but without using Doctor Doom’s time machine. More about his time machine later.

  I bought this comic from a kid on my elementary school playground for five cents. I remember he wanted money to buy issues of the Flash and Green Lantern. So I went home to read a story about a guy on fire, a woman who could turn invisible, a man made of rocks, and a fellow named Mr. Fantastic. The story opened a new world for me with great art by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott plus great story by Stan Lee. What a story is was. Doom sends the Fantastic Four to the past with his time machine and the Thing becomes Blackbeard the Pirate. The Thing does not want to return to the present, but tragically he is forced to come back to his unhappy life.

This book introduced me to the Marvel Universe and started my collecting of comics. I think if anyone wanted to do a credible Fantastic Four movie they should look no further than this issue. It was the beginning of the Marvel Universe with “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” and what a beginning it gave to me.

John Sharples, Naperville, IL.