My First Comic by Earl Geier

March 14, 2017 My First Comic


My first comic was a comic my sister and I found on a bus when we were going downtown with my mother. I was around five. It certainly sparked our imaginations, as I know we started asking for comics regularly after that. A number of years later, I decided I’d like to get a copy for my personal museum, but all I could recall of it was one panel in the first story (comics had 2-3 stories per issue back then). I looked in stores and at conventions at Superboy comics for a couple years, hoping that seeing it would jog my memory. It took me awhile to figure out that my sister, several years older than I, would have a better memory of it, and when she described it I remembered seeing it around the house for several years.

The cover story featured Supergirl going back in time to meet Superboy. Superman had been explaining to Supergirl that he wasn’t able to play with his classmates back then, because (of course) they couldn’t keep up with him, and he might hurt then. Of special note was the cover, which could never be printed today in the lawsuit era, showed Superboy and Supergirl playing darts. Superboy had a target hanging down from his neck, and Supergirl was throwing metal tipped darts at his chest.

Earl Geier, Chicago