My First Comic by Samantha Z

March 14, 2017 My First Comic


Written by George Wolfman  Art by George Perez

Back in high school my school library was just starting to order manga and graphic novels for the students to checkout and read.  I was already an avid manga reader and the librarians knew I was big into super heroes and sci-fi.  I consulted with the librarians on different graphic novels that would be enjoyable for the students at our school.  At the time, I was more into the super hero cartoons and tv shows.  I had read several graphic novels here and there, but never enjoyed a “real” comic book.  The Teen Titans animated series was a big hit back then, and I figured some graphic novels featuring the animated characters would be a good choice to order for the library.

  When the library received the order, all the books I had suggested where there but, there was one book I did not recognize.  It was called The New Teen Titans vol 1, and featured the team’s original comic run from 1984.  The book came with a copy of The New Teen Titans #1, which was the first issue of the series.  I never knew the Teen Titans had been around for so long and was very excited to read the issue.  I had recently watched the series of episodes from the animated series that told the story of Raven and her demon father, Trigon.  Raven was my favorite character at the time and her story touched my heart.  When I chose to read the comic issue, I was amazed to discover this issue also told the story of Raven from the comics stand point and how, with her help, the team was formed.  A few years ago they ended the Teen Titans animated series which upset so many avid fans.  Although I miss the cartoon, I continue to read as many Teen Titans books as I can, from both the classic and new age eras.  It’s such an amazing opportunity to see my favorite characters and watch them develop from the 80’s to today.

Samantha Z, Downers Grove, IL.