901R Lucinda Ave.; DeKalb, IL  60115

Store Hours

Mon-Fri: 12pm-8pm
Sat: 11am-6pm
Sun: Noon - 5pm

STORE PHONE #  (815) 748-3883
  • Located right next to Dominos by the Village Commons Bookstore (VCB)!
  • The coolest COLLEGE comic book store you've ever seen!
  • Ideal if you attend Northern University in DeKalb, IL as we're located right on campus near the dorms!
  • Open since 1999! - It's a TWO-STORY comic shop!  Room for both comics and gaming!

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Feel free to e-mail all DeKalb related inquiries to:

Charles Fischer Manager of Sector 2814
After escaping from a dying planet of boredom and darkness as a child, Charles was given a power ring that gifted him wonderful powers of unending enthusiasm for all things comics. He uses this super power to sell awesome comics to awesome people (or at least tell semi-cool people about the awesome comics they should be buying; or at least should be reading). He even helps the poor souls find these comics on the rack when they forget the alphabet. Charles plans to spread his deep love of comics to everyone and everything whether they want it or not. His never ending battle against bad artwork, social injustice and poorly adapted comic movies continues to this day.  

Kevin Healy Assistant Manager!
Kevin has been drinking from the Graham Crackers teat since Lyle's Hobbies (the only store with the good sense to write their back issue prices right on the comic!) closed when he was in middle school.  He's the first employee to be hired solely for geographical convenience, and has since been converted to a constructicon.  After 16 years of being a background character, Kevin accepted a full time position on the Graham Crackers management team.  He is survived by his wife Tracy and their four chidren. No, I mean cats.(Are they still cats when you put little outfits on them and tell them how they disappoint you?) 

Chris George - Salesperson of Standing!
Little is known of the Chris. Being the next Chris in a long line of Graham Crackers Comics' Chris' his arrival was pre-ordained by THOSE WHO SIT ABOVE. Much like the soothsayers of old the Chris is full of knowledge of things that matter only to those who they matter too. Even with all that heaped upon him, and the fact that he works across the rainbow bridge at the Wheaton Graham Crackers on Saturdays, the Chris is willing and able to sell anything and everything to you.   

Lee Blank - Patrolling Helper of Helping!
Lee Blank is a man's man amongst men. He dates the ladies (so we hear), talks to his mom regularly (she says hi by the way) and plays Heroclix at least twice a week! Always ready to answer the call if random questions pertaining to "amazing" late 90s comics come up, Lee is known to gossip with the best of us, especially if it pertains to Geoff Johns. As always watch out around Lee because he is the Law (of nothing really) but still he is a fun guy to have around.

Dekalb Store Testimonial #1:

I was just in the DeKalb store and I wanted everyone to know how awesome the customer service was! I have a little boy that I'm trying to get into reading, the programs offered for the little ones and the eagerness of the sales associates was bar none!

Dekalb Store Testimonial #2:

I just wanted to take a second and tell you how pleased I was with my service at the Graham Crackers Comics in DeKalb. I just graduated from Northern Illinois University this spring, and for the entire time I attended, Graham Crackers Comics DeKalb was my comic book store.

They are really great there. They always made me feel welcome. They remembered my name, even though it is really hard to say. They always dealt with my frequent changes to my pull list with, and never complained. I never once didn't get a comic that I wanted. But most amazing of all, they learned what comics I liked, and saved them for me just in case I didn't know they were coming out. For instance, when Ultimatum #4 came out, they saved me a copy of the "Peter Parker RIP variant," instead of the regular cover, knowing that I would want that one. I was a big Spider-Man and Flash fan, and they always saved variant covers for me, even if I didn't ask for them. They knew I would want them. They truly were great there, and I'm sorry that I had to move away. If the Metra West Line went one more stop out to DeKalb, I would take it out there every Wednesday, and continue to get my comics from them.

They run a great comic book store there, and they deserve some good praise.


Dekalb Store Testimonial #3:

I personally wanted to thank you. Your store has provided me a safe refuge from the daily grind of life. I come in and I don't have to worry much about what happens in the outside world, only what is happening in the DC, Marvel, and Independent Universes. When I walk into the store and hear everyone's cheerfull greeting, with Charles in the zone or converting someone else to Aquaman, Kevin too easily able to make me laugh or recomend good indy books and Chris, the All-Father-of-Clix, giving me insight into Heroclix, and finally Nick, for bringing his A-Game. You guys have grown to be some of the best friends I could have and I am glad that I grew my hobby of comics through the open minded people that you all are.
--Matt Coyle

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