640 S. Randall Rd., St. Charles, IL  60174
Store Hours
Mon-Fri:   11am-7pm
Sat:          10am-5pm
Sun:         Noon-5pm

Store Phone
(630) 584-0610

Feel free to e-mail all St. Charles related inquiries to:

Message from the Manager
So, you might not have noticed, but we moved back in November 2014. We're still in the same building, but we are now tucked in the corner, so you can't see us if you're heading north on Randall. The building currently looks like a ghost town as we're the only tenant, and our landlord hasn't finished construction, but we're here, so let your friends know, and stop by to check out the new space.

Dan W. - Manager

Dan wishes that The Onion's piece in 2004 on new cars fueled by anger had been truth and not satire.

He would get so much mileage from that Plymouth Fury. 
Kurt Biallas - Assistant Manager

The Good Cop of St. Charles, Kurt will amaze you with his indefatigable optimism and encyclopedic knowledge of obscure 80's pop culture.

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