Fall in Love with our Valentine’s Weekend Sale!

January 26, 2022 Articles, Events

One of my personal favorite sales that Graham Crackers Comics puts on is just around the corner: the $1.50 Newer Comics Sale!  It’s one of the best ways to get you caught up on some recent comics that you may have missed or been wanting to try.  But what does $1.50 Newer Comics mean, and what should you keep in mind as we approach the sale on the February 11th-13th weekend?

  1. The sale is on the newer issues on the new release shelves at any of our Graham Crackers locations.  The issues must also be at least 30 days old from release date, and not the most recent issue of a series or one-shot.  It does not include any back issues in our back issue boxes or graphic novels of any kind.
  2. What my favorite thing about this sale is, being able to get some of the series’ that I’ve had my eye on reading, but never got around to getting.  There’s a lot of books I’m getting every week, and sadly, some slip through the cracks, or don’t quite fit my budget.  But now I can check out several issues of a series I would have otherwise skipped because why not for $1.50?
  3. Another thing I keep in mind for the sale is checking my issues at home for any recent gaps in issues that I may have somehow missed.  I make my list of those issues, and see if I can get them filled in during the sale.
  4. Also, multiple copies of the same issue are not allowed for the sale.  Though it can be hard to pass up multiple copies of a book at $1.50 to give to friends or such, the sale limits customers to just one copy of any particular issue during the sale.  Every one gets excited about this sale each year, so make sure to save some goodness for others and don’t grab multiple copies of the same book.
  5. One other final rule:  Anything on hold in subscription club boxes cannot be part of the sale, and nothing can be put on hold in advance of the sale.

So mark your calendars for February 11-13, and make sure to run out to your local Graham Crackers Comics and stock up for a chilly winter with all the new reads your arms can carry!