Doc’s Reviews For the Week of May 23, 2023 – Graham Crackers Comics

Doc’s Reviews For the Week of May 23, 2023


Only 6 issues, that appears to be all we are going to get here but we are halfway done and we are still introducing new characters, new concepts, and new plot points. I can only hope that writer Dennis Culver know something we don’t. Like a possible on going series? If not issues 5 and 6 are going to get messy. And while I am enjoying this wacky trip through the DC Universe, I’m not sure where it’s leading us. Batman, Green Lanterns, a new version of Starro, Smallville, all very enjoyable but while the Doom Patrol are collecting new misfits while fighting old foes I’m not seeing the endgame purpose. Plus I can’t help but shake the uneasy feeling that Dawn of DC new title are just the newest version of New 52 titles series 3. At least with this title I’m enjoying myself. Having fun while being understandably cautious. 7 out of 10 Grahams.



Boo! I say … BOO! So I jump into issue 3 ready to enjoy this wonderfully quirky title and discover that this is the last issue?! What the … bleep! The first two issues had a wonderful follow up sequal quality to it and unlike the original movie Plan 9 From Outer Space, the aliens appeared to have finally found a totally workable Plan to defeat and conquer the human race. And I was waiting to see what part Tor Johnson’s ombie character would play. And now, I get a totally out of left field ending with the obligatory “The End?” in the last panel? Somebody get me writers Michael Dolce and James Mascia on the phone. This cannot be the end, this title was not only a loving and accurate look back at a classic B-movie but had oodles of potention and should have lasted at least 12 issues. I shed a tear as another meaningful independant title ends. Although, in all honesty, Ed Wood Jr would have probably enjoyed the crazy batpoop ending. 8 out of 10 Grahams.



In an interesting turn of events, Joshua Williamson’s story seems to be hinting that Green Arrow (the every man hero) will be leading the charge to return some of DC’s past glory. Speedy’s daughter has returned as has Oliver’s memories of his son Connor. Speedy, ok fine … Arsenal, is on the hunt with Black Canary in tow. The Arrow family while not physically together is returning to the comic pages. And while Green Arrow’s MO and personality make him perfectly suited for multiversal hopping, I am still not sure if I like him in that role. Sean Izaakse’s art is terrificly suited for story as his action sequences are epic. And great Tommy Tutone Jenny lyrics aside, this have got plenty of humor as well as pathos. Running the emotional spectrum, this title has a lot of heart. Lets hope the creative team can keep it up. 8 out of 10 Grahams.



After reading the 4th issue, there is an interesting tertiary plot point that has caught my attention. See, in 1965, writer Gardner Fox came up with a nifty story idea. By replacing the classic characters of Kal-El, Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen, etc. with  villainous replacements at key points in their pasts, the villain would create his own version of the Justice League. Somewhere, in his time travel, Per Degaton must have stubbled across issues #37 & 38 and decided to try the plan on the JSA. I’m on-board with that. With the time travel bouncing basicaly ending, we are in the more present day. And with mystical messages courtasy of Madame Xanadu, replacing the old DC Rip Hunter chalkboard messages revealing future plot points it appears the future is bright with story ideas. Let’s hope Geoff Johns can keep the DC spoilers away from this title and that we will still need flashback pages by the great Jerry Ordway! Not that Mikel Janin is doing anything wrong. We’ve finally hit that issue where the action battle have to slow down and some story and backround need to be brought up. 9 out 10 Grahams.