Doc’s Reviews For the Week of 5/17/2023

May 17, 2023 Docs Corner, Reviews


It always seems like the issue just prior to a milestone issue goes one of two ways. Either it is a mad dash to try and finish up exiting storylines to highlight that the next big issue is going to take us into some new and amazing storyline that the readers won’t even to begin to realize how epic it is. Or it’s some nostalgia fueled look back at what got the title to that benchmark. Filled with cameos and little tongue in cheek moments. Jeremy Adams manages to combine both in a fun-filled hodge-podge of a story which gives the 4 person art staff chances to shine. And cameos? How about the Golden Age Captain Marvel villain, Mr. Atom? The Terrifics? The Anti-Monitor! Plus, leaving the door open for future tales featuring the gang all thanks to a malfunctioning time machine. If you are looking for some good clean Flash fun, this is the one for you. Just don’t try to make sense out of it. I give it a 9 out of 10 Grahams.



I have to admit that I was fooled into thinking that DC was bringing back it’s most iconic team-up title. And once I sat down and started digging into it, I was a bit disappointed. Turns out that this is actually an multi-story anthology comic with Batman being a headliner. And with DC’s output being so Batman driven these days, my heart kind of sank. But once I got over my sorrow, I found that these stories were not only very well done but really grabbed the reader. Writers Tom King, Ed Brisson, Christopher Cantwell, and Dan Mora really do an excellent job with the characters they are given to work with. And as always, Tom King puts a little dark tone to his reimagining of a classic Batman tale. Round out the tales with a new group of heroes in Stormwatch, Superman, and an alternate version of Batman and you have the beginnings of something wonderful. I just with they would have not used that title. 8 out of 10 Grahams.



Remember what I said about prior milestone issue, somehow another DC title kept pace with the Flash. With a multitude of writers and artists putting their best pencils forward, This one acts as a prelude to the big 800. As we get a glimpse into the dreams of Wonder Woman’s closest friends. The best dream sequence has to be Etta’s as she recreates the classic 1940’s Holliday Girls stories. And while cryptic, the stories are also filled with humor and ironic moments. And while this is a fun read, it still doesn’t settle the fear I have over the future. Yet again, the powers that be seem to be having a issue with character direction. And with all this Revenge of the Gods nonscence, we are really starting out for the deep end. Let get though #800 and then we’ll talk. 7 out of 10 Grahams.



Yet another Elvira series that seems to have the character down pat. Smart aleck comments, breaking of the fourth wall, unlimited easter eggs are all here. And with the original Vlad the Impaler running rogue through the horror movie mosterverse, there is only one person who can stop him and it’s lil’ ole Elvira. And while David Avallone’s story is a hoot, it is Kewber Baal’s art that steals the show as he recreates the famous black and white movies of the 1930’s to the blaxplotation of the 1970’s to the PBS television network. And basing the title of the story after one of my most favorite movies, I couldn’t help but love this story. Want a real challange, see if you can identify the 21 vampires on the cover! Down to the last 4! I give it a 9 out of 10 Grahams.



Four parts into the Alternate storyline and it is still fascinating. While the other heroes have accepted our poor dimensionally lost Mettle but for the first time his doppleganger on this Earth has come to terms with him. The realization that Mettle’s life has been different and more tragic than his is really touching. Meanwhile, we get introduced to the Golden Age World and that’s all you had to tell me. This is exactly what Exciting Comics should have. A series featuring heroes and villains from the legacy days. The Arrow, Black Venus, Black Terror! These are good stories that people should be checking out. I give it an 8 out of 10 Grahams.





SHE’S BAAAAACK! And so is Steve Mannion behind it all! The start of a 4 part mini-series promising to reveal the secret origin of the Fearless one, how can you go wrong? As always, the odd charm and cute hijynx can’t help to get to you. Whether it’s the odd shapped zombies, the nazis, the overtly shapely pirate women, Mannion keeps bringing us more.  And while I love the story of her humble beginnings as little Prissy, the story of how she got her super-hero costume is absolutely priceless. And considering the time frame in which it occurs, it is totally believable. Can’t wait to see what is revealled next issue. I give it a 9 out of 10 Grahams.



This is one of those rare independant titles that I’m never sure how to approach. Definitely falling under a “guilty pleasure” header, Kamen America is an interesting mix of anime and main stream american art. With the panels bouncing back and forth. The storylines most assuredly come from a classic modern anime backround with girls being given glitzy outfits with super powers while still acting like they came from an American coming of age movie. Corporate overlords, petty girl fighting, and a slightly out of whack sense of heroics make this title a joy to read. With it’s rather non-commital release schedule, it also proves to be a challenge to find if you’re not paying attention. Keep an eye out. I give it 7 out of 10 Grahams.