Doc’s Reviews for the Week of 11/16/2022 – With Another Deep Drive Into the Golden Age

November 16, 2022 Docs Corner, Reviews


You know what the best part of this story is? (And this is something you will really never here me find positive!) It’s the lack of continuity. Now, an arguement can be made that DC pitched continuity out the window eons ago. But Dc never really “threw” continuity out but rather tried to rewrite it with ever update. Whether it was the 5 year plan of the New 52 or the multi-dimensional merging plan from Crisis. But Mark Waid and Dan Mora seem to be channelling the Bob Haney/Jim Aparo team from the 1970’s Brave and the Bold where anything goes. Joker cuts off Angle Man’s hand? Sure, why not. Boy Thunder’s costume being from a 1968 World’s Finest story (#178)? Gotta love those nostalgic flashbacks. We have a Silver Age Teen Titans guesting with a version of the villianous Key from the 1997 JLA comic? And while I can point out each and everyone of these continuity issues, it still doesn’t stop me from enjoying this story. I give it a 9 out of 10 Grahams.Especially for Robin’s whispered advice to Superman!




Welcome to Stage 2 of DC’s attempt to bring back the Golden Age. Hot on the heels of last week’s New Golden Age One-shot, this mini-series continues a storyline started back in 2021’s Stargirl Spring Break Special (better make a quick run to you’re local Graham Crackers Comics and rumage through the back issues!). And while it is disappointing that it took a year to get back on track, it appears that the wait may have been worth it.

When we last left our teen heroines Speedy and Stargirl, they had recieved a vision and clues to a very interesting mystery. A mystery inside of a mystery in fact. As Dan Dunbar, the former Dan the Dyna-mite has vanished as well but left behind an investigation of his own. And the girls have found his notes! And while we have cameos by some of the missing Golden Age 13 from the New Golden Age story, we also have other old characters showing up. How about the son of the original Air Wave who debuted in Green Lantern #100 (1978), Robbie the Robot Dog who started his adventures with his creator, Robotman, in Star-Spangled Comics #29 (1944), the original Newsboy Legion (I am still questioning whether this group represents the original group from Star-Spangled Comics #7 (1942) or the Jack Kirby version 1970’s version? And, of course, the Crimson Avenger’s sidekick Wing who first showed up in Detective Comics #20 (1938). All characters that DID exist during that time (we are still checking on information given on the Who’s Who pages at the end of The New Golden Age comic). Geoff Johns’s story appears to be as good as I remember the Spring Break Special being and Todd Nauck’s art still captures the spirit of the Golden Age art these characters came from (check out the bursting action pose of TNT on page 3 !). While I am being caution, so far the first two stages in this Golden Age renaissance have definitely been placed in the right hands. Fingers crosssed the new Justice Society of America comic (coming soon!) will continue these great starts! 10 out of 10 Grahams.