Doc’s Reviews for the Week of 3/23/2022

March 23, 2022 Docs Corner, Reviews


I could go on and on about how Flash’s Rogues Gallery is by far the best group of DC super-villian family. And I do not use the term family lightly. They have always been a family ever since they first starting appearing in Flash comics. They argued, they hung out together, and they had each others back. But most of all they really seemed like real people. And these themes are high up in Joshua Williamson’s very dark, very bleak story. Old age has come to the Rogues and with it the real world. An uncaring world that has no respect, no hope, no help for any of them. A world that is just waiting for them to slip so they can take what little they have left away. And what they have isn’t much. Barely affordable housing, jobs that give them no respect and not enough to live on, medical care that is just simply not enough. While Williamson is telling their story, he is really telling ours. And that is why this title depresses me so. I can’t help but identify with these characters. Captain Cold’s mistreatment by his parole officer due to the fact that no one will believe he’s trying to make it work. Mirror Master’s vegetative state since its easier and cheaper to keep him drugged up instead of trying to help him. This is a very poignant story and one that presents issues that are so identifiable. This is definitely a tale that falls under the Black Label icon. It made me choke up. It made me really think about the life I currently am part of. And it depressed the h&ll out of me. But that’s what a good story does. It’s earned itself a 9 out of 10 Grahams.




WTF?! And don’t hand me any of that Power Rangers are originally based on the Super Sentai franchise so this is a perfectly logical matchup. You can’t fool me especially when the Saban’s logo is covering part of the D in Godzilla on the cover. This is another one of those IDW weird crossovers. And while Cullen Bunn’s story does try to make sense, including a multiversal focus crystal, this one doesn’t seem to have a purpose. It also doesn’t feel like a fair fight as Godzilla totally takes out the green dragonzord within minutes of it showing up for battle. With the cliffhanger giving the reader the hope that the rest of Rangers will call on their dragonzords to fight Godzilla, I don’t see a reason to continue. One punch, an atomic blast, and a body slam and the green dragonzord is done. That being said, I did like the fact that either Bunn is a Godzilla fan or did the research as including the aliens from Planet X was a nice touch. I give it a 6 out of 10 Grahams.