Doc’s Reviews for the Week of 10/20/2021

October 20, 2021 Docs Corner, Reviews


With writer Jeremy Adams at the helm, another classic character reaches a milestone! And boy what he’s given us to work with. An army of random super-villains including Rogues Gallery members Pied Piper, Trickster, and Rainbow Raider! A mysterious spear from the sky that even Superman has a Thor’s Hammer moment with. A strangely ticked off city (especially loved the guy in back who gripes “I like the old costume!”) and the return of Starbreaker the energy vampire from 1972’s Justice League of America #96. No real spoilers for this one because the ending is rather epic and needs to be read. But I can’t help but mention the last minute appearance of Doctor Fate. This one is just an all around fun read! And with the triple threat of Fernando Pasarin’s pencils covered by Matt Ryan’s inks, and filled in by Jeromy Cox’s color planet, this is a visual treat. 9 out of 10 Grahams.



Cliff Chiang’s oversized entry into the Black Label universe is a wonderful example of how DC’s past should be moving forward into the future. In Lonely City, Batman’s Rogues have gotten old. Catwoman is not as spry as she used to be. Two-Face has embraced his inner scarred self and become Mayor and the Penguin has gone grey. By the way, Batman is dead. Selina has just been released from prison and is trying to adapt to life in a world complete different than the one she left. And this is one of the key elements to the story. That feeling we all have that live is moving on without us. Starting out the rest of our days just wanting to be left alone but the world doesn’t like that idea and you start considering the “What the hell …” attitude that you know will only lead to more trouble. As you read through part one, you’ll be amazed at the references to the past including a visit from Ma Hunkle, the original Red Tornado! Hitting all the bullet points with this one. 10 out of 10 Grahams.



The glory days of the horror magazine continue in this 6th issue of black and white goodness! And with names like Rich Sala, Don Glut, Paul McCaffrey, and so many more, you know there won’t be a bad story in the bunch. Then slap a Richard Corben cover on it and you are good to go. With 6 main features and pages of monsterous fun interspersed throughout, you be going for the long read on this one. A few shout outs for Nik Poliwko for putting the german movie version of the Golem in the backround of the intro story! And Don Glut for including Chicago’s Resurrection Mary ghost in his story!  You can’t help but like what’s going on here. I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams.