Why Wasn’t There A Blog Review For The Week of 02/24/2021

March 3, 2021 Docs Corner, Reviews


Many of you have commented about the missing blog post for last week. Normally, we here at Doc’s Corner are something you can set your watch by. But last week was different. The book of choice was Generations Forged #1, the follow up to Generations Shattered one-shot. Since we’re a week late, it feels silly to mention this but *SPOILERS*.

You see, one of my great loves in my childhood were team up books. Marvel Team Up, DC Comics Presents, Maravel Two-In-One, even some issue of World’s Finest, but especially DC Comics Brave and the Bold! Batman would, of course, team up with the regular DCU but ever few issues he would go slightly sideway and those were the best! And if you were lucky, sometimes they’d throw in a bonus guest (who remembers the Bat Squad from issue 92, Wildcat and the Joker from issue 118, or Plastic Man and Metamorpho from issue 123). Or even better, when the creative team decided to complete go of the deep end and plop Batman into the House of Mystery (#93) or the mystery guests represented by a question mark on the cover (#95 & #150) So teaming Batman with multiple weird mystery guests in totally my thing. And this is basicly what this book is so it should garner a 10 out of 10 … but it doesn’t. Even giving me the bonus of it being the Golden Age Batman (purple gloves and all!) doesn’t help. Even with the help of Kamandi, the female Dr. Light, and young Superboy, and an ingenius use of the villian Dominus this one lands a bit flat. Part of it comes from the theory that after the overtly long and drawn out Dark Metal saga(s), DC hadn’t figured out how to get things back on track. Promises that the Golden Age heroes of the Justice Society were returning kept popping up only to disappear into obscurity again. Batman lost his fortune? That shouldn’t be possible! The Wayne portfolio was so diverse and hidden that he can’t have lost it all. And don’t rich people pay people to make sure they don’t lose their fortunes? Superman and Lois merge with parallel versions of themselves? That didn’t work for Quinn Mallory in Sliders why did they think it would work here? Barry…Wally…Wally…Barry…7 second Dead Wally…Barry…Fresh New Morbius Chair Wally…sigh! And what are the Guardians thinking 1, count them 1, representative from each Space Sector gets a ring. Why do we have so many earthlings getting rings? In our attempts to make our stories bigger and better everytime, we are losing focus. Which brings us back to Generations Forged (the long way around I’ll admit). I actually feel a bit like Dominus in this story. All I want is my little corner of the comic book universe. And the New 52’s and the Future Staters just can’t stop changing things. And in the end of it all we get is a get out of jail free card for the next mess we find ourselves in by giving Golden Age Batman a time control gadget and sticking him in a section of multiverse when people age slower? Wwwwhhhhaaattt? No numeric grading on this one, it just made me sad.