Doc’s Review’s For The Week of 01/12/2021 (with some bonus material!)

January 13, 2021 Docs Corner, Reviews


Dan Abnett’s story is a huge tapestry of ideas. The concepts here are well done and told to the reader without too much explination. A multidimensional group of heroes checking on alternate worlds as super beings start to emerge is one I have high praise for. And given the stable of heroes they have to chose from (Project Superpowers, the original series), this team puts a smile on my face as they are a little more off the beaten path. Some may remember Captain Future but Sure-Fire Comics’s The Raven (he gets the Mr. Raven moniker here to avoid trademark conflict) is a hero that definately needs some screen time! And while in the newer version of his hum drum costume, Chic Carter, The Sword from Quality Comics’s Smash and Police Comics, is a wonderfully written personality! Rounding out this Star Trek landing party is Dell’s Popular Comics Wife, Vana with no sign of her husband Martan, the Marvel Man! Backwards savage Sonja won’t stand a chance, right? You would think Captain Future would know about being the member of the landing party in Red! Dynamite’s efforts to unite their universes definately has some charm going for it! I give it an 8 out of 10 Grahams. 



I’m really not sure how I feel about this one. While Mariko Tamaki explains the world of the Future State title well, there are some pretty big holes that I am finding hard to believe. The biggest in my mind is that no one in Gotham City recognizes Bruce Wayne while it is clearly established that everyone has clearly seen pictures or video of him and that he is a “son of Gotham”. Bruce wanders the city, interacting with people while giant televisions flash his image directly behind them. I also can’t help but notice a certain similarity to the OMAC saga. Just substitute the Magistrate and then add on the bit of dialog where Bruce admits that he was instrumental in the creation of the current society. That being said, the voiceover dialog is eerie and believable. Especially liked the Beatles referrence. Even with a Grifter backup, I’m giving this one a 6 out of 10 Grahams.



Holy Flashback, Batman! With the new Multiverse tales being highlighted in the pages of DC’s Future State titles, it got me thinking about the good old tales of alternate versions od DC’s finest from my childhood. In 1968, writer Cary Bates revealed to the world (with the help of Curt Swan and Jack Abel!) that Superman was actually 100 years older than anyone thought. All because of the explosion of Krypton opened a warp into another dimension! After speading a 100 years in this alternate dimension, Superman is returned to being a baby and reshot back into this universe. Amazingly, due to the Supergirl back up feature, the creative team tells this epic story over 13 pages! No year long crossover saga … 13 pages, that’s it! Just another reason that while you are at your local Graham Crackers Comics shop, you should wander over to the back issues and try your luck. There is plenty of truly great reading in them there long boxes! I give it a 9 out of 10 Grahams.



And speaking of multiverses, does anyone remember that issue when Willy the Wisher returned from the pages of the Seven Soldiers of Victory back up story in Adventure Comics to try and return the DC Universe to it’s classic Golden Age? Showing up on the multi screen display in the Bat-Cave and told Batman that he was “just not right” before trying to rewite history? Or that issue where Batman hid in the treehouse in my best friends backyard recovering from a craven attack by the Scarecrow? Of course you don’t because they haven’t been writen and drawn yet! But that’s where you come in! Back in 2018, when we were allowed to gather, DC Comics offered up a great bonus for that year’s 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge! A complete 24 page comic book. Not only a blank cover but 24 blank pages for you to fill in! DC released a book for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman! Really! Write, draw, ink, color your own issue! This one will always get a 10 out of 10 because the best stories are the ones YOU tell! Check with your local Graham Crackers as supplies are limited.