Doc’s Reviews For the Week of 10/14/2020

October 14, 2020 Docs Corner, Reviews


When it comes to storylines that make you think, writer Steve Orlando thinks big. Someone or something is trying to destroy the universe. What we quickly find out is that the universe we are in is the only one left and hides refugees from other parts of the Multiverse! Dan Didio’s intro notes sums it up nicely. Heroes from other universes have come here after their universe’s have been destroyed by the “Cosmic Sepsis” (You know the lighting bolt filled pink/purple skies followed by a wall of bright white nothingness that destroys all it touches.) And to boost the hero aspect, each of our new characters were former Presidents in their universes! This universe’s former commander in chief has gathered these people together to help her fight off the oncoming storm. This is a new take on the tride and true comic crossover tale and actually has some interesting ideas. This is not however a quick read as there is a lot put on your plate here. New characters, unique versions of various super powers, a murder mystery, and a new numbering system for parrallel worlds to learn. This one deserves to have some time devoted to it’s reading. For those who can do it, I think they’ll find an interesting bit of storytelling here. I give it a 7 out of 10 Grahams.



Flashback to May 12th of 1970 and a new Marvel title has just hit the stands! From the pages of the Fantastic Four comes the Inhumans! And sharing the double bill, comes the Black Widow (a character who has been bouncing around the world of Marvel for a while by now). Not the fur stoll clad manipulator from Iron Man, not the fishnet clad hussy who was always messing with Hawkeye over in Avengers, but the new version fresh from her outing in Spider-Man! Holy Emma Peel, John Buscema! This thought provoking little story brought us the closest to a real human that comics could provide. Socially concious and willing to fight for the common man, she definately highlighted the idea of a strong female character. This is worth the revisit! I give it an 8 out of 10 Grahams.