Free Comic Book Day: 10 Questions and a signing with Bloodshot #0 author Tim Seeley!

April 16, 2019 Articles, Events

1. A teaser trailer for Revival showed up on Youtube in April of 2017, is there anything you can tell us about the progress of that project?  We’re definitely working on it. It’s not easy to do an independent film, but we conquered independent comics so film is next obviously!

2. Congratulations on the success of Dark Red #1. It seems to be a title with a lot of room to run. How long are you planning to continue the book? As long as people will buy it! There’s definitely a whole world for us to play in, so I’ll be building out all kinds of shadowy corners!

3. Every time I see a DC solicitation that mentions the word Leviathan, I can’t help but think of Grayson. Is there a connection? Yeah, as far as I know there is! Leviathan was a Grant Morrison concept that we picked up an ran with. It was a massive evil organization headed by Talia Al Ghul that also happened to be its own enemy by being Spyral as well. I think Brian is doing the same thing.

4. Crow: Hack/Slash #1 is due out in June. Was it difficult to write a character that’s as intensely personal as the Crow? Yeah, no doubt about it. I had to find a different angle into it and we created new Crows (PLURAL!) to give Cassie and Vlad some new foils. I asked Jame O’Barr for his blessing and he just said “Don’t embarrass me.” So, I’m doing my best!5. I’m a Valiant nerd, for this iteration of the company. Did you have to familiarize yourself with the entire universe, as it is heavily interconnected? Well, I didn’t have to since I had been reading a lot of the books for fun. I’ve been pushing people on Archer & Armstrong for years!

6. What is your favorite Valiant character who isn’t Bloodshot? Probably Woody from Quantum & Woody. Or Mary-Maria from A&A. I’ve also got a soft spot for Ninjak.

7. The Valiant books generally run on the more violent side. Since Bloodshot is basically Wolverine, the Terminator and Robocop rolled up into a pasty ball, are you planning for the book to be ultra-violent? Oh, indeed. I actually don’t really like violence that much, so I’m trying to make it as compelling/disgusting as I can.

8. Harbinger Wars 2 seemed to change Bloodshot quite a bit. It still seems unclear as to whether or not Ray was acting on his own behalf. Will Livewire be an important part of your Bloodshot book? Not immediately, but her actions do set up some of the plot motivations of this run.


9. Is the fact that there’s an upcoming Bloodshot movie changing the way that you’re approaching the book? Only in that I feel the need to make it accessible to new readers!

10. You can change one thing about the comics industry, from creative to sales. What would you change?
ONE THING?! I mean there’s so many. Oh man…well then I’m picking healthcare. Too many creators are without, so I’m giving everyone insurance.

Tim Seeley will be signing his Free Comic Book Day issue of Bloodshot #0 at ALL THREE of our Graham Crackers Comics Chicago locations on Saturday, May 4th (May the fourth be with us!) 2019. 

Graham Crackers Comics Loop: 11:00am- 12:30pm

Graham Crackers Comics Lakeview: 1:30pm-2:30pm

Graham Crackers Comics Andersonville: 3:00pm-4:00pm