DC vs Marvel II: New Age of Heroes

February 6, 2019 Articles, Uncategorized

Commentary by Chris V.

Because lawyers and giant mega corporations won’t let us have fun, it is very unlikely we will get an official DC/Marvel crossover in the comics again. The DC vs Marvel Crossover had fan favorites pitted against each other and the winner was voted on by you! Maybe not you personally, but fans like you. Batman was the victor over Captain America. Silver Surfer bested Green Lantern. To name a couple of the match-ups. And the reason they were battling? For the fate of their universe! Because cosmic entities challenged one another and yadda yadda yadda doesn’t really matter, it was just a plot device so we can see our favorites go head-to-head.

So, hypothetically if we were to see DC vs Marvel 2: Electric Boogaloo, this is who I think we could see duking it out for our entertainment.

Match 1: Black Panther vs Aquaman

This bout is brought to you by billion dollar box offices. One has a fancy armor suit and the other has a cool fork. From lowly thugs to giant alien invaders, Black Panther and Aquaman can take anyone in a fight. They’ll do what they can to defend their kingdom and that makes them formidable opponents.

Winner: Aquaman. His domain is 70% of the Earth and cats don’t like water.

Match 2: Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman

One is imbued with the power of the gods and the other has rad space powers. Equipped with her lasso, Wonder Woman will wrangle up any bad guy. Part time fighter pilot, Captain Marvel will kick your butt just cause. Each powerful in her own right, this is too close to call.

Winner: Tie. Diana and Carol know better than to fight each other and instead hangout.

Match 3: Howard the Duck vs Captain Carrot

Just throw in some classic ACME brand products and it writes itself. Howard the Duck is an alien on a world he has now made his own and settled into New York. In the other corner is Captain Carrot the leader of the Zoo Crew and lover of carrots. Carrot might have the upper hand because of cartoon physics.

Winner: Howard the Duck after showing Captain Carrot the 1986 film Howard the Duck.

B-b-b-bonus round!

Match 4: Miles Morales vs Naomi

Come on, Bendis who is your favorite fictional child?