JIM LEE Signing at Graham Crackers Comics

March 23, 2018 Events

It’s true!  The busiest man in comics is taking some time out to meet his fans at Graham Crackers Comics of Chicago!  Jim Lee will be appearing for one evening only at our Chicago LOOP location (77 E. Madison) – in fact he will be visiting on NEW COMICS DAY (Wednesday April 4th 2018) from 6pm – 9pm to help promote DC COMICS NEW AGE OF HEROES line!  

Wednesday April 11th is the day the IMMORTAL MEN #1 from the new age of heroes line premieres with artwork by Jim Lee (of course)!  We will have the book on hand so you can get yours signed!  Due to the overwhelming demand and how rare it is for Jim to be able to step away from his already hectic schedule helping run DC COMICS – we are selling tickets to make sure that the people that want to meet Jim get a chance to, here’s how it works:

** update 3/23/18 – response/demand for this event have been overwhelming and we are now SOLD OUT of tickets – our apologies to any that were not able to get a ticket in time **

to get a TICKET to meet JIM LEE you pre-purchase a pass at any of the 11 Graham Crackers Comics locations, or even off our website – HERE!

  • the tickets cost $10.98 and gets you
  • Immortal Men #1 ($2.99 cover price – due out 4/11/18) – signed by Jim Lee in front of you!
  • Action Comics #1000 ($7.99 cover price – due out 4/18/18) – featuring cover by Jim Lee and interior artwork by Jim Lee with Brian Michael Bendis 1st new DC Comics work!  This book will not be signed.
  • ticket guarantees you a spot at the signing, a chance to meet Jim, get your signed Immortal Men plus any other item you want to have signed by Mr. Lee (total of 2 signed items per person)

Tickets are NOT required for meeting Jim Lee or getting an autograph, but anyone that shows up for the signing with a ticket will be placed before people without tickets.  Due to the overwhelming demand to meet Mr. Lee the ticket purchasing is the only way we can keep count on how many people are coming and being able to make sure that the person that drove for 4 hours gets their autographed items and a chance to meet Jim.  The tickets retail price simply covers the cover price of the two new Jim Lee DC comics.

Common questions regarding the signing

  • I live crazy far away so I can’t make it – can I still pre-order the two books to make sure I get a signed copy of Immortal Men #1 ?   Yes, you can order the ticket off the website – HERE – and we will get your copy signed, please note if you order other items with it they will not get mailed out to you until the Action Comics #1000 arrives. (due 4/18/18) – please notate on the order that you will not be attending so we know to get your book signed for you, otherwise we will assume you will be attending and will hold your pass at the front door.
  • Can I get my photo taken with Jim Lee?   Yes, but bring your own cell-phone/camera we will not have a photographer there.
  • I’m driving in from 2 hours away but I don’t want to pre-order those 2 comics, can I just bring 2 of my favorite Jim Lee comics to have signed instead?  Yes, but we can not guarantee that you will get the chance to meet Mr. Lee then, if the turn out is too great – ticket holders are allowed in first, then if time permits, other fans can get their items signed as well.
  • Will you have a CGC signature series verification witness at the event?
     Unfortunately no there will not be.
  • Will Jim Lee be doing sketches?  Are they free?  Because I want a picture of me fighting the Justice League while the Justice Society is dropping down from the sky and everyone is carrying a different pokemon card in their hands, that would be great.  No, Jim will not be able to do sketches, there isn’t enough time, and no they’re not free, sorry.
  • Is it okay to buy 2 or more tickets so I can get more signed Immortal Men and more different items signed?  While you can do this, we would advise against it.  Each person in line is given one turn so as to give as many people a chance to meet Mr. Lee.  If you end up buying two tickets, you can go through the line a second time, if time permits.  We’d recommend dragging a friend along if you want to utilize 2 tickets in a speedy fashion.

To be clear your pass gets you a spot in line for the Jim Lee signing (as well as 2 comic books).  Jim will be on hand to sign your copy of Immortal Men #1, BUT since it has a street date of 4/11/18, if you are local you will let us know what store you want to pick it up from and we will send it to any of the 11 Graham Crackers Comics locations that you prefer.  If you are out of town and buying your ticket via our website – we will mail out your signed Immortal Men #1 and unsigned Action Comics #1000 when it comes in on 4/18/18.

The pass also allows you to either buy another Jim Lee item to get signed and take home with you that day from the store, or even bring your own item in.