Doc’s reviews for 8/2/17

August 2, 2017 Docs Corner, Reviews


     A double treat! And such a deal! Flashback to the good ole days and see what the real T’challa was like before you saw him on the screens. The proud and fierce prince was busy having adventures with the enigmatic Mister Little as they discover dangers afoot when they come across a time travelling frog statue?! Yes and these creative stories were brought to us youngsters from the pencils of Jack Kirby in all his glory! The majestic space odyssey art panels! The over the top characters like Princess Zanda and the Six Million Year Man! And then just for nostalgia sake, and a sort of movie tie in, watch as T’challa teams up with Captain America to fight … Zemo! This is a wonderful step back from the reality of today’s comics!

10 out of 10



Like Hawkman back in Crisis, Green Arrow seems to be suffering a bit from the “What do we do with him Syndrome”. It obvious that writer Benjamin Percy is channeling his 1970’s muse for this currently storyline. The goatee is back, the arrows are wood, even the title is a classic. But it almost seems there is some unwritten rule they have to follow that says they have to leave some of the television Arrow in the mix. Just as I’m expecting Ollie to thrown on a pot of his homemade chili, it cuts short by Superman pointing out he likes his new tone. So as Ollie continues in his in his “12 Challenges of Wonder Woman” story, I am liking it but after the mess that Green Arrow has suffered through the past few years (read New 52) am I liking it due to what came before? As a traditional Green Arrow fan, I tread softly here with my praise. Let see where this takes us.

7 out of 10


Phantom President Kennedy’s Mission     Hermes Press

A real thinking person’s comic and an outstanding 1st issue! Using the plot twist that the Phantom is immortal (sort of), Ian Herman and Ron Goulart cleverly mix historical fact with fiction and show us the intersecting points of Kit Walker and JFK. It also presents us with a wider picture of the Phantom as a character on the world stage and not just the protector of the jungle. With very good art by Sean Joyce and Malena Molina and spot-on colors by Jorge Cortez.


8 out of 10





More Kirby Tribute to the man and his characters! The classic tale of who is Orion is explored in detail which is always entertaining. But the true treat Is one of the famous Kirby Grabbers! This issue we’re given a forgotten tale of the Young Gods of Supertown and Lonar! All done by the man himself! DC brings us the best of their years with Jack Kirby.


8 out of 10



As advertised in 2011, “Five years in the making! Dave Ryan’s magnum opus is finally here! For the first time ever in a single comic series, The War of the Independents brings together over 200 independent and creator-owned comic characters for the largest, most ambitious, inter-company crossover ever!”

Our favorite crossover has returned to us 5 years later! Reid Fleming! The Tick! The Flaming Carrot! Felix the Cat! Milk and Cheese! A who’s who of creators and their creations. This is still a charming look back at the independent characters of by gone years. This is eye-breaking art page after page and a must multiple read book. The only problem is digging through your comic archives to find the first 3 issues.

I’m just so happy, it gets a 10 out of 10!