My First Comic by Andy O

July 28, 2017 My First Comic

Every comic book is someones first comic!  What got you pulled into comics?  Do you even remember what your very first comic was, how did you come across it ?   We’ve asked the staff of Graham Crackers Comics to share their first experiences with everyone – perhaps this was your first book too?

Graham Crackers Comics employee Andy Osenga of the DeKalb location writes,

My first comic was actually a Superman comic given to me by my mom when I was in the hospital when I was only 3 years old. I had already seen Superman in movies and cartoons but really liked the comic, even though it had to be read to me. It was DC Comics Presents #55, a book starring Superman and Air Wave.


   It is definitely one of my earliest memories, in the hospital with my mom and me going through that comic and it was from that moment that my love of comics was truly planted and continues to bloom to this day.